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Friday, May 22, 2015

New Digital Network : Decades ,Launching

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      It was announced, late last year that a new digital sub channel network was to launch this year on Memorial Day. Decades is a channel that's a partnership  of  Weigel (Owners of METV , WCIU-TV  Chicago, WDJT-TV Milwaukee and more) and CBS Corporation. It soft launched in January with "binges" of classics shows like Twilight Zone, Love American Style, Dark Shadows, and more.  The official launch is Memorial Day.   Unlike the other classic channels  , including half sister , METV  it will not just air classic shows. There will be daily show called "Through the Decades"  hosted by Bill Curtis, it's a profile program that takes a look at a certain theme.  This program will air Weeknights at 7PMET ;  1AMET, 7AMET, 1PMET .   Also it will have  a different set of classic shows and movie each day.   It also will have feature programs that have something to do with a time or person. 
   Here's the Launch day schedule (times may vary by market) 
7AM ET  Through the Decades
8AMET  Hair (movie)  (1979) 
10:30AMET  Hogan's Heroes
11AMET  Hogan's Heros 
11:30AMET   Rat Patrol 
12PME T  Rat Patrol 
12:30PMET   The Greats -"George Lucas" 
1PMET   Through the Decades
2PMET   Hair  
4:30PMET  Hogan's Heroes
5PMET  Hogan's Heroes
5:30PMET Rat Patrol 
6PMET   Pat Patrol 
6:30PMET   The Greats - "George  Lucas" 
7PMET   Through the  Decades 
8PMET  Hair 
10:30PMET  Hogan's Heroes
11PMET  Hogan's Heroes
11:30PMET   Rat Patrol 
12AMET  Rat Patrol 
12:30AMET   The Greats -"George Lucas" 
1AMET   Through the Decades
2AMET   Hair  
4:30AMET  Hogan's Heroes
5AMET  Hogan's Heroes
5:30AMET Rat Patrol 
6AMET   Pat Patrol 
6:30AMET   The Greats - "George  Lucas" 

The Channel can be found in areas where CBS owns the CBS station or Owns a CW station absent of a CBS station.  There some markets where  a station not owned by CBS will have it as a sub channel.   
In Roanoke ,VA  Schurz's  WDBJ  has it on 7.3 . (more here
In Greenbay ,MI   Media General's WBAY-TV  2.3 will have it
In  Fargo, ND  it will be on Channel 4.2   KRDK  
In Nashville   it will be on Channel 31.3   WJDE-LD 
In Bristol , TN WCYB channel 5.3 will have it. 

Hopefully more stations will add it, and their full version of website will be launched. It's at decades.com 

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