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Sunday, September 06, 2015

"The Munsters" coming to COZI TV


  Just in time for Halloween, the  classic TV show, The Munsters (1964-1966) is  coming to Classic TV network , COZI TV.  It hasn't been repeated on TV in few years.  It will air on Cozi ,starting October 5th at  5pmet  and in October it will air on COZI's Stunt  Sunday with 4 episodes each Sunday starting at 1PMET.  

Other Changes to COZI's line up  (from COZI's website)
Starting Saturdays beginning 10/3:
9:30AM/8:30c - Lassie replaces My Favorite Martian
Starting Sundays beginning 10/4:
9:30AM/8:30c - Lassie replaces My Favorite Martian
11AM/10c & 11:30AM/10:30c - My Favorite Martian replaces Maverick
12PM/11c & 12:30PM/1:30c - Dick Van Dyke replaces Maverick
Weekdays starting 10/5:
7AM/6c - Dick Van Dyle replaces Lassie
7:30AM/6:30AM - Here's Lucy replaces Lassie
5PM/4c - The Munsters replaces Dick Van Dyke
5:30PM/4:30c - The Munsters replaces Here's Lucy
6AM/5c-10AM/9c - One Step Beyond
12PM/11c-12AM/11c - The Munsters Marathon
12AM/11c-5AM/4c - One Step Beyond

 If you want to know where COZI is where you are find out here.

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