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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thanksgiving land : Rugrats : The Turkey that Came to Dinner

Thanksgiving  The Flashback

   There is noticeable lack of Thanksgiving specials, we could just review the Charlie Brown one (but to obvious) there is a sense that it could be a thing to make a special of ... kind of like Saint Patrick's Day. (It's a hangover , Charlie Brown)  that leads us to Rugrats... the TV series ran long enough  and had  a Thanksgiving episode. That's our lookback.
    Our special is called "The Turkey that Came to Dinner" (which sounds like a horror movie).   It starts with narration on the story of Thanksgiving from Didi , telling Tommy, Phil , and Lil.   It was set as a day by the pilgrims to say thank you for all they had and the new friends the Native Americans who helped them in tough times.    Meanwhile , around the Pickles' house  there is alot of Thanksgiving activity going on... Stu is getting satellite dishes ready for  a bunch of football games and even Chas brings  a  TV set that is joined with others. (Cartoon logic is umm weird)   Tommy and his crew are play "nakey-Americans" for their "Hanksgiving" fun.    Grandpa Lou wins a turkey and it's on it's way by 4 O'clock , it worries  some of the adults so they go to the market to get one . (Hey guys , you really should have shopped in advance)  Angelica decides she wants to put on a parade.
   Meanwhile Grandpa's turkey does  make it and it's a little to fresh ... (kind of alive really)   the babies  go up to the box and open  it releasing our star.
                                                 "I  wanted  a fresh turkey"/ copyright Viacom
    The Turkey falls in love with Spike (the dog) and the babies want to invite him to their Hanksgiving party. Grandpa Lou and Boris decided to look for the live turkey  (how hard is it to find in that house)   meanwhile  Didi , Betty, Charlotte, and Howard look for a turkey and apparently many stores aren't open on Thanksgiving. (this was made before 2013 you know)   Angelica informs the babies that the adults want the turkey for dinner (the dead turkey  way, also we don't eat friend) she uses this to get them to help with her parade.
          Chuckie trips and lets Spike go , this causes the turkey to chase Spike causing the parade to collapse causing Angelica  to want to tell the adults about the turkey. (that's just mean) The Grandpas are looking for the turkey still (umm how big is this house?) and the dads are focused on the multiple football games while Angelica wants attention to tell them about the turkey.
                                                         Where's the turkey?  copyright Viacom
 The Babies want to get the turkey to fly (fact: turkeys can fly , though ones that are farmed really can't)      After a long stretch of attempts trying to get the turkey out of there , the grandpas find the turkey.   Angelica helps them out (she really holds a grudge doesn't she?)  the turkey runs into the satellite dishes  ( no more weather channel for you)  and dinner is ruined.  The adults and Angelica get mad at the turkey and they plan to eat it.  The Babies protect the turkey , Didi explains that that the turkey didn't ruin Thanksgiving  and that Thanksgiving is about family and friendship and she makes them apologize to each other. (Good ole Didi.) They have cereal for dinner and mr.turkey lives on.
  I do wonder what happened to the turkey later... maybe he went to a farm (nooooo)

 That;s our lookback ... is this episode worth being a Thanksgiving special ? Yes, I say  it's quirky and sometimes people do get to caught up in  the holiday and worry about a certain aspect and it can even bring out the worse in people.  The Rugrats wanted to have the turkey be their friend for their celebration and they were doing anything to help  him while everything else seemed against it.    So it's a good one to watch if you are looking for something Thanksgiving.  If you were  or are a Rugrats fan  or not it's still a good one.

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