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Monday, December 07, 2015

The Lookback : Rugrats : Chanukah

The Flashback 

          Like with Thanksgiving , it's very hard (read :rare) to have a Hanukkah special , but The Rugrats comes to our rescue in this case, since it had one and darn good one too.( sorry, we said darn, please write us no bad letters)  Let's dive in.
       First off ,back story time , the network , Nickelodeon, had given the "Rugrats" team an idea for a Hanukkah themed special  and this idea became .... A Rugrats Passover in 1995. ( well then... I know things change from ideas but that's  a stretch)  After the Passover episode , they came back to the idea. It premiered on December 4th 1996.

     Our specials begins with the story of Hanukkah being read by Tommy's grandmother  and we see these images depicted by the Rugrats and some other random kids. This takes up the first couple minutes (it also was done  kind of this way for the Passover special)  and it gets cut off as Didi needs help with the latkas. (Gosh, Didi,that can wait we need rest of the story ,seesh)   Meanwhile, our sub-plot for Angelia is where she wants to watch her Christmas special about Cynthia. (For those that don't know Rugrats, Cynthia is  like the Rugrats world Barbie, and  Angelica has the doll and other stuff) .  The other plot line is Boris , Tommy's Grandfather, is in a stage play for his synagogue  and he has an antagonist , Shlomo, that will play in our main story.  The Rugrats are confused of what's going on  , it takes Angelica to tell them that it's Hanukkah (though she uses more flem then a person should use)  well not very well.    Stu is trying  to show his wife that he is supportive of her Family's holiday by making a giant menorah. (as you do?)  Though in Stu fashion it falls apart.
                             Coming soon to Santa Versus the Alien...make it happen/ copyright Viacom 
           The Rugrats in true show style... miss hear the Meaning of Hanukkah as the "Meanie of Hanukkah" and they want to put the meanie to a nap. (Thanks to Chuckie's suggestion)  Angelica continues her search for a TV. (Angelia : the Quest for Television: coming soon to NBC)  While the Babies go a search for the meanie , and they see Shlomo and Boris picking at each other and they think he is the meanie.  (He does poke and poke) While they are  away  in a play area (they tried to rush the stage)  the play is not going well as  Boris and Shlomo start fighting each other.   Angelica finally gets to see her special  after uses the babies to get her TV plans. (How to use Babies to do your bidding, coming soon to MTV) She ends up tripping into Sholomo and breaks the TV and starts crying, the babies go to help save her as Tommy hads him the Hanukkah Book.
                      "Can you read this book? I would do it my self but I can't read"/copyright Viacom
    Now , the  telling of the story of Hanukkah continues  (the  Macabees Won). Stu finally makes it with his giant menorah and well that explodes and we see  the Rugrats , Grandpa Boris, and Sholomo  and they wrap up the play.

      It's a good Hanukkah special  is our verdict.  It  tells the story of Hanukkah simplified .  The Boris  Shlomo rivalry  story is kind of more deep even though see the goofy poking and stuff. Many can maybe empathize with Angelica going somewhere you don't to be  when all you wanna do is something.  It's a good one for families,  adults and kids to watch and enjoy even if you aren't a Rugrats fan or know of the show.

Come in next time when we wonder why Santa vs the Alien  has not been made yet.

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