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Thursday, April 28, 2016

But First These Messages: Don't Drink the Shampoo

But First these Messages 

    Commercials , oh poor fellows  people don't want to watch anymore  , and sometimes they can be more interesting than the show they are taking the place of. (Maybe you should change the channel?)   They can be disturbing, funny, sad, off putting, annoying, evil , happy, blah, lawyery, or confusing.  (Yes , off putting doesn't have to be annoying)   Joshuaonline , is trying out style of blog post, the ones about the things between the programs we talk about.   Let's get started.  

But First These Messages... 

      Do you like Beer?  Do you like Shampoo?  Do you have the urge to drink your shampoo?  This could be the start of  a commercial for medication. (Ask your doctor first) But nope ... we are taking about something from the 70's  Beer-Enriched shampoo. ( I think the person who thought of this , had beer at work , didn't want to get caught drinking so he poured into the Shampoo mix and made this up)

Here's our commercial:  (youtube, please don't pull the video, because it would make us look insane) 
          I am worried that  the lady says "but don't drink it" when referring to the shampoo, yes it has beer in it  ,but it also has some soap in there, so it's going to taste bad , even more than just beer. (we went there)
 youtube/ Geinus7277
Those are some awful scent ideas 

   This was made by Bristol-Myers Squibb , I guess beer has some hair cleaning qualities, they don't make it anymore... so maybe it didn't work out.

   Coming Up... that one thing you like might not like you  , but first these messages  

First watch the commercial (we'll wait.) 

27 seconds later... unless you hit replay or looped it.
      This commercial , let's see hair  , it's long and the music ( it must be the 90's) .We see this long hair for awhile it's the star, but then there's the twist.

   Ha Ha Ha you thought ... but no it's a dog ....  also it gets mean there. "Beautiful hair like this can never be yours"  then it reveals a dog that has better hair than you or us.
"Yeah , I look good, Woof" /youtube 

       Just be happy your dog will look good,  the commercial did a good job at least making you pay attention to it, you know for something your dog will just ruin in 10 minutes anyway. ( Dogs don't stay clean long ... it's the law of physics) 

     And that's it for Hearldson , the World Series will be back for the 8th inning , but first these messages... 

  The Big Bad  wolf has gone into sales (in his defense , hunting Grandmas doesn't put ... Grandmas on the table)

  Wait , the Wolf asking a question about where you are going  is a silly question, what's he supposed to ask ?     When it's shampoo he takes a great interest.   Yes Shampoo brand Shampoo does suck , it doesn't even have beer in it.    The Big Bad Wolf has gone honest?

 Grandma's House ? What is she running a B&B and needs a sign to it, is she the only Grandma? 

Meanwhile ... 
Grandma looks angry , also what I am looking at? 

   The moral of  the story is... Wolves like well shampooed hair.  Also jingles are great. TV commercials don't make creative jingles much anymore ... they just use a pop song and modify it maybe.  

  Well anyway  that's our commercial break... now go buy some shampoo , and get some for the dog, maybe the cat (meeeeow,) nevermind.  

Now back to your program.   

If you liked this , tell us in comments,maybe we will do more. 

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