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Thursday, April 07, 2016

The Lookback: The Charlie Brown Lookback : Lucy must be Traded, Charlie Brown

The Peanuts 

    Take a whiff (coughs)  spring is in the air (coughs)  and that means baseball season is now going  and one thing the Peanuts does more  than anything else is Baseball .     So now that's our time to look back at  "Lucy Must be Traded Charlie Brown".
    This is another post 2000 special and it premiered in August of 2003 on ABC. Charlie Brown starts by being optimistic  for his team in baseball season (you know like most of the real Baseball teams) , and Linus and tells him that the team is in trouble .(you know like most of the real baseball teams)    Charlie's confidence dies because of Lucy and he feels that his team is not going to do well because of her.   It's a game day and C.B's team is going to Peppermint Patty's team to play against them and of course he loses.  (by forfeiting)   Then his team continues to lose games.
  ummm I think this is football / Copyright Peanuts 

  Charlie Brown ( probably from watching too much ESPN or sports network of your  choosing)  decides that he is going to do a trade for a player. He calls Peppermint Patty  if she would willing to trade, suggesting Lucy, P.P hangs up , the only player she wants is Snoopy.     So Charlie Brown calls her back and decides to take her up on the offer , trading 5 players to Snoopy.  He tells his team mates what happened and they of course get mad at him. (because he's Charlie Brown)  He decides after the pressure and his own guilt to pull the contract and rip it up. (In legal this is called ripping up a contract) When he was about to tell her ... she tells him that her 5 players would rather give up than play for him.    
        Peppermint Patty calls to Charlie Brown to trade Marcie for  Lucy.   Though Marcie wants to stand next to  Charlie Brown more than play baseball , that she hates, because of her fondness of  Charlie Brown. (see Charlie you are loved) 
Spring the season of Marcie /copyright Peanuts 
  And Lucy isn't turning out better for Peppermint Patty (see a fair trade)  Peppermint Patty calls Chuck again  and begs to call the whole deal off and they switch back.   And everything ends back to normal or whatever that means.   

  That's our lookback it's a fairly simple special and it's based off a long sequence in the strip in the 1960's .  Also is Charlie Brown just cursed in baseball . maybe he should try hockey?     
Tune in next time when we find the special where Snoopy  gets picked up by the  San Diego Padres. 

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