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Thursday, April 20, 2017

But First These Messages: Cars Cars Trucks and Vans (probably not that last one )

But First These Messages 

       Cars are probably the most advertised things besides insurance... (which you will need for your car....oh)   and yet we really haven't featured the things here because well that's how we roll. (boo)

   But First these messages...

         Lee Iacocca  became the head of Chrysler right went Chrysler needed a hero , but just make you knew he was there he showed up in commercials.

 I do wanna say he randomly started with Ford and it's not because he used to work there but, maybe.

The Town and Country? Where have I heard that name before , Chrysler? 

He also  says at the the end  if you find a better car, buy it!  Not saying Chrysler is the best or if you find a better car than that convertible  we will give you a discount or something no , just if you find a better car buy it.   Also better is subjective. 

This was his idea at Ford.... /image:  Wikipedia 

         That commercial was fine an everything , but  it doesn't look 80's we need some eighties in our eighties commercials. 

                                         Oh  well that's more 80's than I thought

On the next episode of "Knight Rider".... 

         For like the first  51 seconds there's no car in this car ad, or even a mention of a car.  Then... 
 I think Dodge took over the world and became a dictator somehow... darn self driving cars. 

  I forgot is this a Dodge commercial or is a remake of "Christine"?   He was also inside the car the whole time.... what the heck? 

      Ok Chrysler ... we don't want to look so Chrysler biased so how about some  Ford? 

It's refreshing to see an not have the words saying "Don't Try this" because well duh.  
       I wonder if the truck did it's own stunts though.  

   More trucks ...  after the jump 

      It's like the Ford  Truck went hunting and bringing back its spoils.   The Chevy Truck decided to carry a Ford and it's little brother is holding it down for him.

                                      Hey could you take my truck up a mountain? I'm tired.
Oh it says do not try...boo.  Also   Trucktris would be a fun game. 

 Dash away Dash away all ... 

               "Volkswagen the new name in Luxry...especially after we bought Porsche"

          The Dasher was the American Name for the Passat B1 because no American wants to play bingo with their car.
      Apparently VW was trying to get those people who want luxury to come to them.
"Hey I am very luxurious..." image: Wikipedia 

OOOOH seats.....

 We may return to Cars in the future so stay tuned now back to Alf ....   

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