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Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Lookback : Yogi the Easter Bear

Easter  The  Flashback 

    Easter is a holiday but doesn't really get alot of specials or songs so I've mostly not tired to look for a special , though I could have written about the Easter Beagle Peanuts special. I was under the assumption that there really wouldn't be much to do , but then I found this special that is only 22 years old.   Remember Yogi Bear ?  Yeah , bears have to do with Easter ,I guess. (Easter  the season of bearing it all?)     "Yogi the Easter Bear" was a Hanna and Barbera special by Turner Entertainment  for syndication. (Probably aired on Cartoon Network at some point too) It premiered in April of 1995. This special notes the last time that  voice over artist Don Messick did the voice of Boo boo and the park ranger-he died 2 years later.

         The special starts with narration and apparently Jellystone Camp is getting ready for the Easter Jamboree which is the start of the camping season. (What if Easter is in March?)  Ranger Smith (the Ranger) is getting ready for the event.  This year he's a little stressed out because the supreme commissioner is coming . (Apparently, he put out a forest fire with his bear hands (only you can stop forest fires don't mean that literally) )  He wants everything to fine  so they don't close the park or something.     Meanwhile, our hero (?) Yogi Bear  finds the candy in the back of the truck and tricks the ranger guarding it  to leave his post and tries to take the candy but Ranger Smith catches him.  Smith tells him that it's an important day and to leave the candy alone , stay in his cave or he's going to the Siberian circus.

     Yogi finds an Easter Bunny outfit and disguises himself  to obtain the candy.  He tells the guarding ranger (who was a bad plan) that he is the Easter Bunny and tricks him and eats the candy from the  truck.  The ranger tells Smith that he saw the Easter Bunny  and Smith figures out that it was Yogi, who ate all the candy.  Smith plans to send Yogi to the Siberian Circus. (oops )  Boo Boo suggests  that maybe he and Yogi could go find the real Easter Bunny , but Ranger Smith tells them there is no Easter Bunny. (Well that's our Easter Special it's over now)  Boo Boo asks why he doesn't believe in the Easter Bunny and the Ranger explains that he wanted Double Decker raspberry egg but never got one.
Interesting they hire rangers at a young age/copyright Turner 
            Yogi and Boo Boo decide to go look for the real Easter Bunny  after all , so of course their plan is to ask the Grand Grizzly. (What am I watching?)  You know what this special is missing (explosions?)  yes, villains. Apparently a bad guy and his stupid sidekick want to do something about the Easter Bunny. What? You may ask, we don't know yet... like 12 minutes in to our 46 minute special.  Back the bears. They go the  Grand Grizzly's cave to ask him if he knows the Easter Bunny. (Yahoo search would be easier ) He says the Easter Bunny is in the sky or something. (He wasn't very helpful) 
Seems sane to me /Copyright Turner 

         The Supreme ranger and his two grand kids have made it to Jellystone. Also he hates problems. Ranger Smith couldn't tell him that there was one so, back to the bears.  They find a giant rabbit shaped mountain where the Easter Bunny's house is. (At least I hope it's his house)  They make it to Easter Bunny's house  but it's all a mess and there's a message that says Help Me. (Gee , I wonder who stole  him)  Yogi and Boo Boo follow a trail of jelly beans to the factor where the bad guys have the Easter Bunny tied up.  Their plan  is to kidnap him and steal eggs to make people buy their plastic eggs.  
Sorry you are all tied up  / copyright Turner 
               The Easter Bunny tells the short villain about the Easter Chicken who makes the eggs but won't tell him where he is so, he tries to dip the Bunny into a plastic melting vat, when Yogi and Boo Boo come in disguised as health inspectors.  Also I got both  their names now : Paulie and Ernest. They almost get out but Yogi wants some cake accidentally gets his mustache off and they figure it out.   Yogi ends up getting Boo Boo and the Easter Bunny out.  Meanwhile the Jamboree isn't going so well, I think.  Yogi and Boo Boo have to visit the Easter Chicken to get more eggs ,but the security dog won't let them in. (There's an easy solution to their problem but I won't stay it.)  Paulie and Ernest have their own plan to get in and get the Easter Chicken.  Yogi and Boo Boo finally make it into the hen house.   
The chicken has an effective system/copyright Turner 
           Yogi gets the hen out before Ernest (in an Easter bunny outfit) made it in.  He was supposed to drop a dynamite laced Easter basket to blow up the hen house. But guess what? The dog brings it back to Ernest and it blows up.(Classic) The dog figures out that Ernest wasn't the Easter Bunny.  The bunny, hen , Yogi , Boo Boo make their trek to Jellystone  but Ernest and Paulie chase after them, so Yogi shoots eggs at them causes them to destroy their truck and fall off a cliff into a bee farm. (Stingy)   Eventually , they make it to Jellystone Park. (Yay Saint Patrick's day is saved!)    Ranger Smith finally gets what he wanted for Easter (thank goodness) and he gets a promotion. (Easter miracle!)   Yogi gets to stay as well. 

     That's the special. 
 Our quick review:  It felt like a classic Yogi Bear cartoon just with a smoother 90's animation style. It has some of the classic H&B  humor style and the voice acting is great. Charlie Adler provides the voice to Paulie  he's the same guy that did the voice to Buster Bunny on Tiny Toon Adventures.  The Man who voiced the Easter Bunny was also the man who voiced Yakko Warner and Pinky from Pinky and the Brain, Rob Paulsen.  It's a silly but fun Easter special. 

 You can get it on DVD now as well. 


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