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Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Lookback : DCOM solves a mystery

The Flashback    Disney 

         It's time to take a look at another Disney Channel Original Movie, why? That's apparently a thing we do here. (We have an appearance to keep)  The last Disney Channel Original movie lookback we did was  the "lost one" known as "Northern Lights"  (you can read that here) this time we are looking at one that D.C at least acknowledges existing.

           Editors  Note:  This is honestly on my list of favorite Disney Channel movies in a list of 8 it would be at like 6.

           "Get a Clue" came out in June of 2002 starting Lindsay Lohan , who was finishing up a Disney contract (alright then) .

    There are spoliers in this look back so....

    Lindsay plays a 13 year old girl named Lexy Gold  who lives in New York City (the movie is filmed in Toronto , the NYC of Canada, they are both the biggest cities in pop in their countries)  and her family seems to be well to do.     The movie also starts perennial Disney Channel star,  Brenda Song, who plays her best friend named Jen.  

This movie knew the future ... of internet calling it knew/copyright Disney

         Lexy's Dad is a newspaper reporter   who works for  The New York Times  and he starts his appearance in the movie reading his competitor (The Washington Post?)  The Daily Examiner (Oh)  in speaking of  that news paper  apparently Lexy got an article in the paper  about her teacher being friends with each other. (what kind of paper is that?)   Also their mother exists, but she's leaving on a business trip. 
"Well it's been fun being here for like 5 minutes, but the check cashed and  I am out of here" / copyright Disney. 

              Lexy and Jen go to a private school  and everyone knows she's in the paper. (Nice to know teenagers used to read the newspaper)    Everyone knows the teachers are in love or something now too. (Darn teachers being all in love...)   There is one kid who is not happy about her "journalism" that's a kid named Jack Downey  who happens to be the editor of the school paper that Lexy is an advice columnist.  (Also he has a great editor name)   
Is in love with our main character? Find out at ten after Lassie/Copyright Disney 

       Lexy over hears Ms. Dawson and Mr.Walker , the two teachers, arguing after her apparently breaks up with her. (when will the press learn?)    What could go wrong?  

Oh Crap.... he's missing, also playful headline /copyright Disney

          The next day ,  Mr.Walker is missing and his car is found in the river. (Hey you got your mafia movie in my Disney Channel movie)      This also starts our mystery.    Miss Dawson seems to be suspect in his disappearance since Lexy told the detective about Miss Dawson and Mr.Walker's disagreement.   Lexy decides the logical thing to do is to do some solving herself.  (That meddling kid)  She decides to team up with Jack to solve the case (kids).  (Also I think we got some romance in our murder Disney Channel Original movie) 

Her sister has knowledge of spy stuff and likes spy stuff so we got spy movie in our mystery movie./copyright Disney

         Jen and Gabe decide  to also help in the mystery, and Gabe can help because he loves close to Miss.Dawson.  (NSA:The Movie)    Lexy and Jack go to Brookyln to check out Mr.Walker's house  and snoop around. (Yeah, that's legal).  In this movie we find out what Mr.Sheffield ( Charles Shaughnessy) has been doing after "The Nanny"  or in this movie he's called detective Meany. (really? oh Mr. Sheffield)  
Detective eh?  /Copyright Disney 

   Fun Fact:   Shagughnessy also played in the Disney Channel movie "Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire" that one came out in 2000.  

       Anyway detective Meany, catches them snooping in Mr.Walker's home.  Lexy says he's not a real one because his clothes are too expensive for an NY detective. (well then)   She finds out more about  Jack , including that he lives in Brooklyn  and has a brother in the Navy.   The two of them find out using Mr.Walker's old computer that he gave to Jack, that his real name wasn't Orlando Walker but Nicolas Petrossian. (dun dun dun) .    Also yes there's a buregiong at least friend ship between the  Lexy and Jack.   They visit    Mrs. Petrossian , the mother, (played by Sylvia Lennick)  and we find out Nick's not dead.   Apparently Mr.Walker faked his disappearance because of Lexy's news story and he was faking the Mr. Walker act  because he was a banker who was framed for embezzlement. (Well changing your name and running might not look good either,also we got a man who faked his own death on a Disney Channel Movie)  
Ha that headline /copyright Disney

         We find out  Det. Meany is  the man who framed Mr.Walker at the bank. (Oh Mr.Sheffield...) Their sting operation does work as well and they have to find that man also known as  Falco Grandville. (Well that's a name)  They catch  Grandville and we get a nice wrap up the  case.  

 More after the jump 

             The movie wraps up. Like I stated before it's one of my favorite Disney  Channel Original Movies. It's  story flows well and  I like the characters  who are all likable. It's a fun movie though D.C wasn't going for to complex for their target audience but it doesn't go down either.  

The theme song of the movie is called "Get a Clue" by a group called Prozzak  , or as they were called for the Disney Channel promos  where this song got stuck in my head at the time , Simon and Milo, which are the name of these two little characters in the video. 

 Like I said this song is catchy I remember D.C airing this song alot during breaks of shows in 2002.

Anyway that's the lookback tune in next time when we solve the mystery of how did a school not do a better background check.

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