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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween : The Lookback : Garfield's Halloween Adventure

Halloween  The Flashback  Garfield 

       I write alot about the Peanuts because I adore them. but I do like other comic strips, and there's one long running famous cat that also like the Peanuts has translated into television media. So let's take a look at  a Garfield Halloween special.

   Garfield's Halloween Adventure (originally called "Garfield in Disguise") is the fourth Garfield television special. It premiered on CBS (this is becoming a common network for comic  strips to TV adaptions around here) on October 30th 1985  It also won an Emmy in 1986. Sadly this doesn't get an outing.  Let's take a look.

     The special starts with something you don't see now, television stations a) being off the air over night b) signing on for the day c) local kid show clowns (before anti-clown propaganda started).  Binky the Clown wakes up Garfield from his sleep and makes him do some jumping jacks , and Garfield tries to find the remote control to turn off the show.   Then he hears that's it Halloween and that there's candy to get.
John Looks a little different/ Copyright Film Roman 

    The music in this special is done by Lou Rawls and  Lorenzo Music  the latter being the voice of Garfield. (imagine Lou Rawls being the voice of  Garfield that would be something).  He decides to have Odie join him for trick or treating  so he can have two bags of candy.  Then they  look for their costumes.   John doesn't seem to mind that his cat and dog are going out  for Tricks or treats so there we go.

     It's Halloween night and they go trick or treating. Odie is scared of  people in costume  but some of the things in costume aren't humans , but scary super natural things. ( i am not surprised in this world)  The two of them  go trick or treating and get candy as per tradition.  Garfield decides to go on a boat to get to the other side and try more houses for candy.   Garfield tells Odie to put out the oars , he does  that in his case he mean throw them off the boat.  They have to ride the river by itself.  They eventually find land and an old house.

Yep I'm old / Copyright Film Roman 

    They think the home is deserted but there's somebody living there. An old man startles them in his chair.  He decides to tell them that they picked a bad night to visit and then a story.  He says that the Island has holds a dark secret for 100 years. Pirates were running from troops they buried the treasure on the Island . but they vowed to return for the treasure a 100 years later.  (oooh my)  Garfeild doesn't believe it  and he says he was their cabin boy.  Then he takes Garfield and Odie's boat and candy.

     At midnight (spooky) they look to see if the pirates show up, the pirates show up. They were dying to get there apparently. (Yes they are dead and ghosts now) The Animation used is most amazingly haunting thing to see , especially in Garfield.  Garfield and Odie  run and try to swim away for it, but Garfield can't swim. (oops)  Luckily Odie saves him (plus you know , Garfield can't die) and they make it to the other side and find their boat and candy.  They make it home.  He gives Odie a bag of candy. (awww)  He tries to watch TV it has an all night pirate movie thing so he goes to bed instead.
Again hauntingly spooky /copyright Film Roman 

more after the Jump scare 

      It is a  nice special  that has some fun laughs   the pirates at the climax were very well animated . as the whole special was, but I loved the lighting of the ghost pirates and the music mixed in well with it , it fit the eeriness well.   I think it deserved its emmy.  It's sad that this special doesn't get air play on television anymore, because it should.  The music in the special was well done  none of it over stayed its welcome and added a nice feeling to it.


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