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Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Lookback: Garfield's Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving  The Flashback 

     Following in the tradition of  comic strip series having animated specials and having a Thanksgiving special  continues.  This time with Garfield , our favorite orange Monday hating cat, gets to grace us for this holiday.

     The special first appeared on CBS  in 1989  and once again it Features Lorenzo Music as Garfield and we have Lou Rawls and Desirée Goyette with the songs,   so let's take a look at this Thanksgiving special.

      Garfield wakes up John for breakfast and after eating he sees the calendar says that it's Wednesday and he has to go to the vet , so he rips off the date and he sees that the next day is Thanksgiving.  They go to the store, but Jon still remembers that Garfield has to go the vet.  Jon also tries constantly asking the vet, Liz, out on a date.  Liz says Garfield is healthy but he's fat and has to go on a diet and she does accept  Jon's offer after he holds his breath for a long time. (that worked!)
Fine I'll go out with you just don't die in my office/ copyright Film Roman 

      Garfield starts his diet  and of course he doesn't like it.  He later gets into a fight with the scale and tries to steal the "good food" but keep s getting foiled by Odie , who was placed by Jon into monitoring Garfield. (Bet your dog can't do that)  The next day,  its Thanksgiving and Liz is coming over to the house.  Jon gets Thanksgiving stuff ready though not very well. Garfield tries to sabotage  some of the food.
Hey that sugar is a bit ruff / copyright Film Roman 

     Liz arrives at the house and Garfield tricks her and she recommends that he can get off his diet and  do some exercises instead.  Jon's dinner is ruined and he so under Garfield's recommendation calls his Grandma to fix it.  (that works )   Jon tries to entertain Liz by talking with her about Thanksgiving  while Grandma does her magic on the food. Jon finds it interesting that  Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in October.(shout out to Joshuaonline CA)   Dinner's done and she slips quietly out the door.
'll carve Justice!/ Copyright Film Roman 

      Liz, Jon, Garfield  ,and Odie have their meal.   Liz seemed to enjoy it.   Odie has to go on the diet.
Nice spread / Copyright Film Roman 

       Garfield brings a great Thanksgiving special , and one thing I can say about Thanksgiving specials is that they seem a little harder to write.  I like how paced it is and brings a lot of good laughs.  The music is good.    I say this is a Thankgiving classic much like the "Peanuts" and its kind of sad none of the networks air it annually.

 Tune in Next time when we fund out Garfield has a cross over with the Peanuts for Thanksgiving.

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