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Thursday, February 08, 2018

This Existed: That Other Rugrats Spinoff

Nickelodeon The Flashback 

       We  continue our look at obscure and or short tv with something that might have had a reason to be obscure and short.     

      Rugrats is one of my favorite Nicktoons, they are in no no way obscure and short the series was Nickelodeon's top series, the only Nick series with a star in Hollywood, their special "All Growed Up" holds the record as the highest rated Nick program. In that same year with the success  and success of the series a whole, made Nick think of more ideas and this meant spin offs. "All Grown Up" started in 2003 and did well itself. Then there's this series. "Rugrats Pre School Daze" (Or Angelica and Susie's Preschool Daze)   It kind of fell on the  wayside with the All Grown up doing well , and the main Rugrats series fizzling out in 2003.  But 4 episodes were made.  Nickelodeon chose to run the series in the early hours of the morning during November 2008., which I recorded, but I can see maybe  why  they decided to just dump it before it was made a full series and just ended up airing on early hours.  

       Actually, there's a little more this series also has a backdoor pilot in the "Rugrats" an episode called "Preschool Daze".  That episode and this series seem to have some weird dissonance.  For this we are going to focus on the series not the back door pilot. 

     I  don't /do know why they would call the series "Rugrats Preschool Daze"  It's trying to connect us to the main series, which "All Grown Up" didn't do strangely. But with the exception of Angelia and Susie this series doesn't have the Rugrats gang in Preschool. (guess they didn't want two time skip spin offs?)  

     The episode I will be looking at is called  "Finders Keepers".   They kept voice  actors from the main series so Angelica's Cheryl Chase, and Susie's Cree Summer.  The animation is kind of strange , think it looks like 3D trying to be 2D or 2D trying to be 3D it's a deviation from  Rugrats or All Grown up.
see a little off. /Copyright Viacom 

      Seems that Angelia found some bugs and gets the class bug finder of the day thing or something, then of course being her foil, Susie finds something better. Harold is also in this series , he was kind of added when Angelia went to Preschool in the original series and he was also on "All Grown Up".  Savannah also shows up too, she was also see in All Grown up.    There's also a guy named Mr.Creeper which sounds encouraging.   Savannah wants to show up that she got a key from her mother because she's responsible.  Angelica wants  of course , to show off and she says she has a key too.  When the preschoolers have to go inside due to rain, she notices that the teacher has a key.  She finds the time to steal the key from the drawer.  (woah shameful)  When she runs  back to her spot to do the dancing with the class the key falls out and a kid steps on it and it's on his shoe.  During nap time when Angelica tries to show her friends  she can't find the key.

I wonder where the key went? Copyright Viacom 

        Apparently , the teacher uses nap time to go in to the closet and listen to new age music with a candle. The other kids wake up and they from the quickest whoo party to oh no , I've ever seen. Savannah  gets Angelica to try and talk about her key, thinking that she was lying.  Angelica thinks quick and makes up a scary story instead.  Where she says Mr. Creeper ate their teacher.  The teacher is locked up in the closet by accident and guess what ? She  needs the key that Angelica took and lost.
     I can hear the ocean behind this door . /Copyright Viacom

     Angelica , Susie, and Harold go to get the other key. Susie  already knows Angelica took and lost the other key.  (How does she know? In the worlds of Chuckie Finster, "Nobody Knows)  Apparently  the only other keys are with guess who?  Mr. Creeper. (what kind of name is that ) Miss Weemer , the teacher slowly looses her grip.  Angelica admits to Susie and Harold that she lied and did take the key but did lose it. 

     They decide to go to Mr. Creeper's shed to get the other spare key and they took Angelica's story literally so of course they think they could get eaten. (Even Angelica took her own story as fact) All 3 of them go the shed and find the key where Angelica charges to get it.  Gertrude the  secretary  finds the kids and they go back to the class. The teacher is saved and still a little off. 

        I will admit that the episode I watched did give me some laughs, it wasn't an awful series not even awful enough to make it memorable besides the strange animation.  It was more bland , not matching with it's parent series where it was slice of life but made everything adventurous through imagination.   They did keep Angelica as Angelica and Susie as Susie so it has those points in its total.  

     The other episodes seem to be similar or something that might end up on Nick Jr.  There was no Tommy, Chuckie or the others in this series, but mostly  focused on Angelica and Susie and some characters in pre school. It could have had more than it did , infact, I think the episode  I picked for this was the best one of the series, all 4 episodes. 

Anyway tune in next time when I find out there was  Rugrats in elementary school series. 

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