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Thursday, April 05, 2018

The Lookback : Alice in Wonderland with a really long title

The Flashback 

       This fits in to like 4 categories for us here : 1 ) it's Hanna-Barbera 2) It's kind of obscure 3) It's a cartoon (we seem to fall into animated television here)  4 ) It's random. What we are looking at this time is  Alice in Wonderland (don't grown , it's not the Disney movie, look we said H&B and we meant it). To be exact this is called :  " Alice in Wonderland (or What’s a Nice Kid Like You Doing in a Place Like This?) " it came out in 1966 , it's 48.5 minutes of  TV movie fun.

  Hanna-Barbera  found all stars for this movie as well, we have Sammy Davis Jr,  Don Messick,  Zsa Zsa Gabor , Mel Blanc (as Barney Rubble,  wait what?)  there's  Alan Reed as  Fred Flintstone (what?) .  And many more.

      So um let's get started... Of course the movie starts with Alice  and she has a dog named Fluff  playing in some 60's suburban neighborhood.  She has a book report on Alice in Wonderland to do, so this movie is not Alice in Wonderland it's some other Alice. Well. no wonder the title still makes no sense.  Not Alice , Alice's father tells her that she has to do her book report and that means no television. (Better finish it before 8, or no My 3 Sons)  Alice gets tripped by her dog and  she gets mad and throws  it to him to get him out of the room and it goes through the TV.   The ball is somehow absorbed into a portal through the TV ,then Fluff follows after the  ball into the TV.  Alice tries to see if Fluff really went into the TV and she ends up going through the TV.

Some people get way into TV/Copyright H/B

     First there's  a rabbit that she meets who is a bit off, then eventually after playing a bunch random games with her , he says he's in a hurry.  Alice also  needs help because she is gigantic so he gives her a cinnamon cake that can make her taller or smaller. (We used his rhyme because it works)  This movie is a musical as well , but they restrained themselves  until about 6 minutes in , when the rabbit sings that life is a game.  The rabbit remembers he's in a hurry and tells Alice to wizard of oz this movie and follow the un winding road.  (That rabbit didn't get the Beatles song right.) In fact even he says that they could have gotten a yellow brick road. (Confusing)
Closed Tuesdays /Copyright H/B

       The road appears out of nowhere and picks her up and she slides all the way to a sign that says "Welcome to Wonderland" ( North Dakota , not Wonderland , Ohio)  The Cheshire cat  (voiced by Sammy  Davis Jr.) shows us up  and says he knows where Fluff has gone. He didn't mean the dog so that was unhelpful.  He also says he's not a Cheshire cat. (Don't tell that credits that)   This means it is song time , name dropping the 2nd part of the title , What's  a nice kid like you doing in a place like this?

     The rabbit shows up with her dog, but he used her dog as a frame of reference to find her dog, she tries to tell him that dog his her dog  but he doesn't listen.  There's  tea party (woo hoo) coming up and the rabbit said he would be there.  The mad hatter is there  and he apparently knows everything about Alice. (which is strange, run Alice run!)  Him and his buddies are of no help and they disappear.   Alice hears a voice and it's Fred Flintstone who is attached to Barney Rubble as a two headed caterpillar.  (This sentence beats Alf goes to a strip club in oddest sentence I've ever wrote on this site)  Fred and Barney  get a song about them not being split up.  Otherwise Fred and Barney were no help. (Wilma!)

I don't wanna know what happened/ Copyright H/B 


       Alice hears a dog barking.(Maybe it's Fluff, who knows?) Yes she's back with Fluff until a knight scares him away.  He says he's a K-Night.. (playing the greatest hits on K-NIGHT 104.5)  The knight is a little sad , so this gives Alice a chance to have a song. (Forget the dog , I have  a song to do!)  The knight seems cheered up and he runs off without helping either.  The Rabbit is back and Alice chases after him. It's time to meet the queen. She gets a ride with the king who is driving a train to the queen's croquet game.  The game makes as much sense as anything else in this movie.  Queen Zsa Zsa Gabor makes Alice the tart girl to give tarts to the players, but then she says Alice should be thrown in jail. (Queen Zsa Zsa Gabor is ruthless)  Alice wanted a trial and it's what you expect.
Darling/ Copyright H/B

       Alice gets thrown in jail for 99 years but does reunite with Fluff. (so win!?)  Also Humpty ...sorry Humphrey Dumpty  is in jail.   Alice misses home so she gets to sing another song about her house. (That's what we needed)  Then the escape because Humpty-Humphrey had the key.  The guards and Queen Zsa Zsa chase her.  Alice makes it back, but the movie makes it look like a dream but then  we see everyone from Wonderland and they brought back Fluff.
I don't know what's going on/ copyright H/B 

    That's our lookback , tune in next time when we find out we can crawl into our TV but we eneded up in Springfield. 


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