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Saturday, May 10, 2008


AM or FM radio of course the first thing that comes to mind is FM now many news radio staions and sports radio stations found on AM are now making a switch to FM radio also others are staying because the revloution of HD radio because on HD the sound quality of AM is like FM and FM is like CD quitly but it still is a new revoltion cluttering the FM dail the last thing that AM lost was music and now it may be losing news and talk and sports

ANALOG TV OR DIGTIAL TV the government may be forceing tv stations to switch to digtial on Februay 17TH 2009 exept for low power does it make it better? It has some advantages maybe having extra channels which may give more programming but is it better for anything well it might be but the commericals saying that all anaglog tv broadcast will cease in 2009 is not all the way true low power staitions (LPs are not effected) for more infomation go to lptvanswers.com about low power stations and dtvanswers.com for more info about the switch to digtial.

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Anonymous said...

The mandated 2009 digital TV changeover is to auction-off the spectrum - there is no such mandate for digit radio, as it is in-band-off-channel. HD Radio is a bigger farce, as it is an attempt to hijack our public airways by iBiquity/HD Alliance. HD Radio suffers from dropouts, interference, poor coverage, amd bland HD channel programming:


All digital sucks.