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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Opinion : 4 Episodes of the Brady Bunch I don't like

Opinion  Lookback Reviews 

      Hello, I am personal fan of The Brady Bunch, I have watched every episode more at least 30 times , though some episodes  I feel were not this show best at all. Instead of a normal lookback ,  I review 4 sidesteps of the Brady Bunch  I think fits the category.  So yes , this is subjective and this not to attack any episodes you like , plus as I said I am a fan of the show and still watch it alot.

 4.  "You're Never Too Old" Season 4 episode 21
   This episode  , I don't hate as much as I wonder if it only exists to see Robert Reed  and Florence Henderson wearing make up to look like grandparents. (Marcia ! )
 Premise :  Carol's Grandmother  (played by Florence Henderson ) and  Mike's Grandfather  (played by Robert Reed)   come for a visit and the kids try to get them together because they both are single  and they are there.   After some work they get eloped in Vegas.

Why I don't like it:  What is this episode?  Why did the kids want to get their great-grandparents married and married to each other?   It really seems as an episode to get  Robert Reed  and Florence Henderson  to dress up like older people  and the plot was thrown in for some odd fun.
"Next time , we marry  Bobby and Cindy muahhaha" / Copyright Paramount 

     3."Top  Secret" Season  5 Episode 19 
 Premise ;  Oliver (and no it's not because of Oliver) and  Bobby think that Sam the butcher is passing information to the Russians  So then they capture him in a meat locker. Though it was all an understanding.  
 We have nothing against Oliver,/ Copyright Paramount 

Why I don't like it :  Ok , I could see this episode working better if it was Just Oliver, he's  7-years-old so maybe he could get confused like that , but why nearly 12 year-old Bobby ?  How come  he  also gets  in this scheme it seems less realistic. (as much as Brady Bunch episode could be)   

2.  "The Snooperstar" Season 5 Episode 20 
    Premise :  Cindy is snooping in Marcia's Diary , so Marcia creates fake entries  about a Hollywood agent  wants to make  Cindy the next Shirley Temple . (not the drink)  Cindy then thinks that Mike's new client is  a talent agent. Marica tries to tell her that it was all a fake  but Cindy does an act and actually charms Mike's client into the contract. 
Mike has odd clients  / Copyright Paramount 


Why I don't like it : First , Cindy snooping in a Diary seems like an episode you would have in season 1 or 2 when Cindy was 6 or 7  ,not when she's near 12. Even being the next Shirley Temple who started younger than say Cindy would be.   It really doesn't fit with her being older.  Also  if Cindy was meant to learn a lesson , I think she learned in a past episode  then why does it end up with  a good ending  ,where her act helps  Mike get a contract.   It's like the episode knows the plot was too old for Cindy so much they ran something else with it. 

1.  "Hair brained Scheme"  The Final Episode 
    Premise : Series Finale , Greg is graduating in a few days , meanwhile  Bobby and Cindy decide to get into  business.  Bobby gets hair tonic to sell ,and Greg buys some and it turns his hair orange.
                                     "Guess it's to late for us to drop out of this episode too"/ Copyright Paramount 

Why I don't like it:  Mike is not this episode because Robert Reed  got in fight with derangement because he didn't like the plot line of the episode.   The episode kind of makes no sense  as to why Bobby and to an extent , Cindy were doing get-rich quick schemes , as if the plot was only put together to do something goofy (gosh ) to Greg's hair before graduation.  It's also sad as a graduation episode because Mike is not there at the time of his first born's  biggest moment in life so far.  

That's our review of these 4 episodes   ,next time when we look at the worst episodes of "My Mother the Car"hmm (nevermind) 

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