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Thursday, November 05, 2015

The Charlie Brown Lookback: He's a Bully, Charlie Brown

The Flashback   Peanuts 

      It's November (mostly )   and that means another Charlie Brown special lookback , and installment number 10. (What a second , you did a bunch for a week in ...)  Our 10th installment for the monthly edition.  (Rude.)  This time we lookback at a relatively new Charlie Brown special ... "He's a Bully Charlie Brown"  It came out in 2006 on ABC (the home of Peanuts specials since the 2000's)  after the annual re showing of the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special.    Let's lookback (boo , I don't like that)

      The special involves  Charlie Brown going to summer camp ( like...nevermind)  , along with Marcie minus Peppermint Patty (because they aren't attached at the hip) because she has to do summer school. Re Run Van Pelt  finds  some marbles that were his grandfathers. (This is important to the plot trust us) Meanwhile at the  camp there's  a stock bully named  Joe Agate  , he starts with making fun of Snoopy who is holding a bowling ball  he asks what's Snoppy going to do with the ball and well ask a stupid question. (Snoopy murders Joe.... not really , that would be a shorter special)

                  Our bully here is a bully because he must not get enough sleep/ Copyright Peanuts

  One thing Joe does is marbles (see plot) and cheats by bringing out a large marble...(cheater)  Rerun sees the kids playing marbles  and decides to be a marbles champ. Rerun decides to let  Joe teach him how to marbles with his grandpa's marbles. (no, not the figurative ones)  We will get back to that later,  now the other plot is about Marcie making Peppermint Patty think that she and ole'  C.B are getting all cozy with each other. (we are a clean blog)  Peppermint Patty (logically) decides to  figure out away to get to summer camp     Joe starts "teaching" (air quotes say so much in so little) Rerun  of course , this is dirty trick and he takes all of  Reruns marbles saying they were playing the whole time.
                                                Saddest picture of Rerun ever/ Copyright Peanuts
   Rerun tells Charlie Brown what happened , and Charlie is disgusted. (so am I)  This makes Charlie Brown want to win Reruns marbles back. Peppermint  Patty is at camp (how'd she get there?  ....nobody knows)  to  prevent the budding Marcie and CB (or  as well it  Charcie ) also a kid has been annoying  Marcie , though   Marcie can handle herself apparently. (Marcie has kind violent streak to her) Snoopy's been teaching our hero the way of marbles.   The big showdown between Charlie Brown and Joe begins to start and it looks bad for Chuck then it looks good. (Yeah it's writte that way, also where's Linus?)

                                             He's right here Phineas, /Copyright Peanuts
      Then Charlie Brown looses because he ran out of marbles  until Snoopy gives him some spears.(Snoopy saves the day)  but fate has other plans as Joe misses and Charlie Brown wins the game. Charlie Brown then offers to play for all the marbles , using the shooter he won from Joe. (ooh CB is dirty) Charlie Brown wins.   But in true class, CB offers to give back the marbles that aren't Rerun's to Joe but Joe walks away.
   When everybody gets back ... Lucy doesn't believe that our hero is a winner  (jealous) .
Also Lucy is a jerk ..../copyright Peanuts 

  Nice to see CB get win once, this special was based off a string of comics from April 1995 (you can read that starting from here)   It was the last new special ( I wanna say.. so far for ABC to air) in it's first broadcast it and Thanksgiving Charlie Brown beat Madonna .  It hasn't aired on ABC in a while it was replaced in Thanksgiving rotation for  the Mayflower episode of  This is America Charlie Brown.  
  Thanks for reading ...next we talk about  when Lucy loses her marbles ... the figurative ones.

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