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Thursday, September 03, 2015

The Lookback : The Charlie Brown Lookback : There's No time For Love, Charlie Brown

The Flashback 

   Our lookback at  Peanuts specials continues as a little part in celebrating the Peanuts 65th Anniversary and also the 50th anniversary of the first ever Peanuts special "A Charlie Brown Christmas"   This special we look at is called "There's No Time for  Love , Charlie Brown" , which has nothing to do with Valentine's day. (Thank goodness because we are way past that and we couldn't review it in this series)    
                                                 You know in my day ,  We always had time for love
    There's No time for Love , came out in  March of 1973 on CBS (there's a pattern there) , the first  8 minutes shows us the peanuts characters doing school work in clip style vignettes.  Then we get to a plot line , where Charlie Brown has to do well on a paper he does for a field trip to an art museum.   A note about this special , it's the first time we see Marcie in an animated  peanuts special.   Charlie Brown's school  is not the only one going to this art museum  , Peppermint Patty and Marcie's School is also there and they run into Charlie. (Though not literally)     All the other kids but Charlie, his Sister, Peppermint Patty and  Marice and Snoopy (though he's not a kid)  have left  and they run inside a supermarket  that was next door  mistaking it for the museum.
                                   I can see how you can confuse the two , maybe/copyright peanuts
      They continue even inside to think that the supermarket is an art museum (though apparently , one in trouble)  , though Marcie even mentions that it's a supermarket , Peppermint Patty dismisses it.    We also  do see Linus and Lucy together at the real museum  so they are in the right spot at least.  Meanwhile  there is  a "Joe Cool" Snoopy scene  where  does some bay boying. (is that a word or verb? )  (Wait, he knows it's grocery store and didn't tell anyone?)  Peppermint was woken from her nap and she talks about  Chuck,  where she makes a comment "How can anybody ever be in love with boring ,dule , wishy washy ole Chuck?"  while is on the other side.  (Or where I come from we just yell it on the loud speaker so everyone can hear it)   Though on her part she feels really guilty about what she said as she apologizes to him.  On his way home , Marcie tells Chuck , that Peppermint patty kind of likes him.

                                      Marcie then gives a passionate kiss/copyright Peanuts
      When Linus does a slide show (not on power point ,you sillies , this is old fashion way)  , Charlie Brown finds out that  he wasn't at the museum.  Though at the moment it's too late he already handed the paper in and he's worried about the result. (In other news Marice is always right)  Though luckily, the teacher liked his description and gives him an A. ( Wa wa wa wa wa) In fact , he gets the only A in the class.  Peppermint Patty formally apologizes and   states that it's  hard for girls to talk to boys. Then he does something stupid , brings up that little red headed girl.
   It's  a good special , with some good  jabs at modern art  , plus the Peppermint Patty love conflict is fun. Though it is nice to know that  someone being to Charlie Brown is just by a little nervousness and that Peppermint Patty has a likeness to him.

 Next time... Sally  gets back at  Peppermint Patty for her comments about her big brother. (this is a lie)  See  you next month,

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