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Monday, December 14, 2015

The Lookback : One Saturday Christmas: Pepper Ann : A Kosher Christmas

The Flashback  Christmas 

     This time we delve in to  Disney's One Saturday Morning on ABC line up for  a look at some Holiday episodes .  Pepper Ann is one of my favorite toons from One Saturday Morning  and still is now so let's lookback at the Holiday episode called "A Kosher Christmas"
  Pepper Ann is giving a report in class about her recent holiday experience.  Her mother celebrates Hanukkah  and her  father celebrates Christmas and this becomes the focus of our episode.  At a school play Pepper Ann begs to play both Hanukkah and Christmas to her teacher's dismay.  Meanwhile her friends, Milo and Nikki have holiday plans to go to Hawaii with his father in Milo's case and Nikki to help those less fortunate.  Pepper Ann though  feels stressed to have to remember the lines  while also doing her Hanukkah activities
                                                        . tar11
                                           I don't care... I want that hat / copyright Disney
      Milo's plans have been shattered  and he won't be go to Hawaii to see his dad, so instead has to deliver muffins baskets for his Mother and Step-Father.  While Nikki is  beginning to feel slightly over stressed on all work she's been doing.  (Holidays are stressful for children now)   There' s a montage of Pepper Ann doing all her holiday play practicing and preparing for the holidays.  On play day she messes up her line (dressed a a menorah and sings a Christmas song instead) her grandmother is hyperventilating and overhears her mother and father saying "she's going to choose " and she thinks this about her having to choose between Hanukkah or Christmas.    Since the show is normal  two eleven minute episode segments we have a full length this time so part 2 is where we see Pepper Ann trying to pick between the two holidays. (The Holiday Choice : coming to the CW)
        There's  a montage of Pepper Ann celebrating both holidays  as she writes  the thing she likes on a list to compare the two holidays and it ends in a tie.( While Presidents Day doesn't score well)

                       for a better look at her list click here  / "Rudolph" interesting/ copyright Disney
      It's Christmas Day (yay! where my .... oh wait nevermind)   and Pepper Ann visits  Nikki at the soup kitchen where she is helping out. Pepper Ann still bothered she can't make up her mind while Nikki is feeling un happy.(Holidays really killed her)  Milo takes a break and talks with some down on their luck laid off workers. Pepper Ann  walks home and annoyed by a singing Christmas Tree and menorah (makes sense in context?)  and realizes that she is not going to choose a holiday after all.   She finds out that it was a misunderstanding that she had to choose a holiday it was more about her Grandma had to pick a doctor.
                                                   Ummm what was in those muffins? / Copyright Disney
         Her report in class is finished as  TV news reporter comes into the classroom to honor Milo for helping those less fortunate   he says that  Nikki really deserves it  for all her hard work.  By the end all the friends go on the trip to Hawaii.(Hawaii the Holiday State)

    That's our lookback  it's a good episode for the holidays as we follow Pepper Ann, Milo, and Nikki's  holidays and what they learn from them.

  Tune in next time , but first we we need a nap , seeing talking Christmas tree and a menorah playing golf with the Easter Bunny again.

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