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Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Lookback :Rescue from Gilligan's Island

The Lookback

     For  a full notice , I never really got into Gilligan's Island , not sure why but I tried watching it a few times and never clicked with me. Now that 96% of you left and the others are agreeing or don't care let's go on to our topic.   Apparently , Gilligan's Island ended with them still on the Island (sorry spoiler)  So In 1978 , 9 years after the show ended, NBC  made a movie.  

   It starts with them still on the Island... I guess the title  gives that away ,but wow that's a long time to be away.
 "You know any longer this would have been a Netflix reboot" 
 It's also good that everyone is back , I at least the know the characters , and there was no cannibalism so that's nice.  Wait , movie where are going ?   A Country far way?    Ok computers and subtitles and flying satellite in space.... did I change movies?  It's  a spy satellite so the explode it and the disk falls into Gillgian's Island .    Gilligan finds the disk and professor makes it barometer, and a storm is coming. (That's bad)    The professor thinks up an  idea  to make the huts into a boat , so they can finally leave the island. 
         Anyway storm  comes carries the huts to sea  and now it's  a raft and they floating , Gilligan decides to cook fish on the raft  and this of course causes fire and smoke ,but luckily his stupidity saves the day after all as the coast gaurd sees the smoke and rescues them. 
"And you said they were dead"  
       Apparently they've been gone for 15 years ( how long were they on the Island before the show started?)    They are also stunned that Jimmy Carter is president ( me too ).   They have a ticker tape parade.  So in our "other country" who seem to be communists  they are watching the parade on TV and they see their disk from spy satellite was on Gilligan.  wait what?   They are all going their separate ways :  Ginger is going to back to acting ,  Mary-Ann back to her fiance (ummm what could go wrong?) , and the professor back to professing.  ( I guess)   So now some dumb spies from our fake country  are looking to obtain the disk back  that's plotline for the movie about 50 minutes in.   Meanwhile , Ginger is acting again.. I haven't really watched the show So I guess she's an actress.  Movies have changed in 15 years and Ginger is bothered by the movie she is working in is filthy it's all sex and swearing now. ( Unlike this post) 
movies have changed ...there's more chairs now 
Gilligan and Skipper visit Ginger so she can sign some insurance papers so they can get a new boat.  Also there were no dirty words in Star Wars and Jaws was clean , lets name drop some more movies of the times.   The producer decides to change his mind and makes it less dirty  (problem fixed?) 
  Also  our spies are thwarted again , but to the professor  now  , and he is surrounded by cheerleaders. 
                                          Sorry this is a classroom , the gym is downstairs 
       All the professor wants to do is work but a lady one is kissing him and now the Skipper and Gilligan visit him. He was busy inviting the Frisbee, which was already invented. (wow time has flown)  The Dean wants the professor to speak more to have people donate to the college, since he's a celebrity now.  Oh great the spies are back as they try and fail at disk getting let's move on.   
  The  Howells are having dinner with some old friends ( they are rich) . 
                                          Still rich after all these years 
    Skipper and Gilligan come to visit the Howells for the paper signing  in the library  they overhear the rich friends  making insults  about Skipper and Gilligan and the friends are thrown out  of the house.   Now to Mary Ann , where we find out that Mary Ann after 15 years doesn't love her finance Herbert anymore but feels obligated to marry him anyway. (Also this is her wedding day)  They see Mary Ann's friend Cindy is in love with Herbert  and he with her, but Mary Ann wants marry because he waited so long.  So Gilligan and Skipper help  stop this mistake  and Cindy and Herbert marry.  Now it's Christmas... (uhh what a jump)    They spies try and take the metal , but the F.B.I  shows up  ( I guess that makes sense) and  that's over.  The castaways set off on Minow II  and  a storm hits and guess what? They end up back on the same island they started this movie and the series from. 

   The End. .. well that was an ending ... you know if this movie was made to appease fans  then why put them back on the Island!!!!!?     That's our lookback  tune in next time when  we see the episode after Friends where  Rachel turns right back and around and gets on the plane , but 15 years later. 

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