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Thursday, February 25, 2016

The lookback :What happened to ALF?

The Flashback 

  We delve back into primetime TV in the past, and well ALF was canceled right during a cliff hanger, see cliff hangers aren't insurance, in 1990. NBC seemed to promise another season so they made this cliff hanger then NBC changed their minds and well ... oops.   In the final episode "Consider Me Gone" , ALF  hears  a broadcast from his friends Skip and Rhonda (people need to name their kids these again come on people do it!) and they found a planet.  The ATF hears the transmission ( ATF stands for Alien Task Force , not the other ATF) and ALF was captured.

NBC: That's what you think/  Copyright NBC 

   So  what happened to ALF? Well  it's 1996 (it is? cool I've gotta warn people about the macarena...ah it's too late)  so ABC (the A stands for Alf) made a TV music to tie up the loose ends. That brings us to Project :ALF (coming this fall to Bravo) . First mistake, the Tanners weren't there , now it could be hard to have like Brian some how be 6 years older if you continue right were you left off ... or they could have done a time skip , but then why are they taking 6 years to kill ALF? 
   Our movie starts with  the Alien  Task Force (you know were are going to call them the ATF for now on , that's too much writing) at a government panel to consider the future of ALF.  In fact the movie is a time skip , because the Tanners were put in a Witness Protection in 1990, (way to get out of that movie ) in Iceland.   
      There is footage of Alf's scientific evaluation which takes up a lot of time. Meanwhile ALF jailing  is more lax after charming the airmen that are holding him at the airforce base. Colonel Milfoil, played by Martin Sheen, talks about his mother who was abducted by aliens and she seemed to crazy and commit suicide.   He thinks ALF is a threat to the Earth , his plan is to fake a medical procedure to get rid of Alf.  Major Melissa Hill and Capt. Rick Mullican  see something strange about this and go to help ALF. 
    oh no! We're too late... oh wait nevermind/copyright ABC

    The Major and Captain seem to have a thing for each other too  (awww love)  anyway they escape with ALF and go to a cheap motel.( Well we've never written that before)  Alf escapes and calls one of his guards. (Well that was dumb)  Then ALF goes to a strip club ( well  we wrote that now .. ummm ) Now his defense the place is called the Kitty  Cat lounge and he thinks they serve cat there. Rick helps out .  ALF  trades the van to a motel owner  for his car because everyone might be looking for a Van that the government on it.  They are on their way to  Dexter Moyers place, he was a former NASA Scientist , who was discredited by the government because he wanted UFO info released. 
Yet the scientists who demoted Pluto ... not one was discredited /NASA
       Dr.Moyes is fascinated by  ALF  and his plan is to go public with ALF and he would be safe. (That's were  Dog with A Blog got the idea from )  Rick  is not happy Dexter ,( he doesn't have showtime anyway)  and he finds on Dexter's computer something that might not up to snuff.  Oh year the military is looking for them.  Rick left the building  and calls the Air Force Base  of course he's being monitored. Dexter has some plan called Operation payback ,which is  a trap  he's going to sell ALF "...to the Highest bidder.  Meanwhile Rick has been arrested and he says he's ready to make a deal  only in exchange  for the safety of Alf and Melissa.  
       Though after ALF notices a change in Dexter , he locks himself a bathroom during the broadcast.  This allows the military to come and arrest Alf and Melissa. (Also the British talk show host ... said commercials... they don;t say commercials over the pond ....bad movie)  The deal of course ...the Colonel  changes his mind.  Now ... since ALF can't be killed off , there is a secret tape of the Colonel when his whole mission was revealed.   The committee promises to keep ALF protected  and the others are promoted , while I guess the other Colonel has been  I guess jailed. 
  I guess that's closure. 

 Anyway ...well it had that Alf strangeness and ofcourse he was still himself , but it was an alright movie ...to bad no Tanners. 

  Tune in next time when we find out what really Happened to Doris Day's characters kids on the Doris Day show. 

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