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Thursday, March 03, 2016

It's A Lookback ,Charlie Brown : Play it Again , Charlie Brown

Peanuts  The Flashback 

  The  Special we take a look back at this month , is  Play it again , Charlie Brown the 7th Prime time special and it premiered in March of 1971.  This special focuses on  Schroeder  and Lucy, which if we did the specials in order this would be the first not to focus on Chuck or to an extent , Snoopy,  and of course this means Lucy trying to get Schroeder to pay attention to her.    The first few minutes is a  mixture of the opening with  Schroeder playing Beethoven music (of course)  and then Lucy grievances at  Linus and Snoopy dancing , then she visit Schroeder,  She  does the classic talking to him and trying to get is attention, talking about money ,which  Schroeder protests, then she does a spray can that plays Beethoven music.    Fredia (the girl with the curly hair) make a visit and does the Lucy thing of leaning on the piano when  Lucy comes over wondering what she's doing here. (First off , Locks save the world ) . 
Keep attention this is a rare picture / Copyright Peanuts 

    After attempts and even kissing Schroeder (Full house audience wooooo sound) but he goes all Lucy "dog germs" act on her  and she  then confides to Peppermint Patty and Sally to help her out.  P.P suggests to Lucille that her idea is to get Schroeder to preform for the PTA it would be his big break. (Hope it's not the harper valley )    He seems happy about this and starts practicing.  Peppermint then brings the bad news that Beethoven is out  and Rock music is in. (I knew the day classical 102.5 would become rock was a sad one)  That of course gives Lucy a problem sense well you know.  Charlie Brown  suggests maybe they can get their "combo" back together and see if that would help. 
  That's Charlie Brown and the gang  / copyright Peanuts 
   Schroeder  doesn't really want to do this but Lucy tells him they don't want Beethoven they want rock at the PTA meeting. ( Lucky they weren't Chopin fans)   Charlie Brown then convinces him (wow CB did that)  and he goes along with it.  But he feels guilty that he sold out on Beethoven ( he feels like the co-op that went corporate man)  He tells Peppermint Patty that he can't go through with it and that he must stand for what he believes in.   Lucy has spray can PTA meeting and they will use that as entertainment. (ummm couldn't they have used Chuck's band? )   It ends with telling Schroeder that Beethoven wouldn't have made it to Nashville (or New Orleans either)  he leaves and Lucy plays rock and roll on the radio on his piano. 
we are more a Mozart City 

     It's a very musical special and the focus on Lucy is interesting  , she wasn't really her mean side more her open pining lovey side. There is some funny moments like the spray can surreal jokes.  That's our lookback , tune in Next time for the special where Charlie Brown and his band make it big in Nashville. 

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