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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Powerpuff Lookback: Powerpuff girls Z

Powerpuff Girls 

      The Powerpuff Girls , was  a Cartoon Network series that ran from 1998 to 2005. I  infact am a fan of this series... and this year they are doing a remake of the series and I hope it does well and is done well. Since this is Joshuaonline and we sometimes  like go off the beaten path. (Ugggh that just  makes us sound snooty, who wrote that?, also we are so off that path we were eaten by bears) That takes us to take a look at something called PowerPuff Girls Z.  (The First anime looked at here on Joshuaonline, this day will go down in History)
copyright  TV Tokyo 
well they seem happy to talk about it. 
     In 2006  until 2007  a 52 episode Anime version of  Powerpuff Girls was made called Power Puff Girl Z (the Z means amaZing , sorry) .  
Here's the original series in a summary:  Three girls were made by Professor Utonium  he was mixing their ingredients when a chemical called chemical X accidentally got into the mixture and this cause the the little girls to be super powered  and they became heroes  and save their town from monsters and evil. (Never complain about your Pot holes again )  The three girls are named Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles.  (you know the intro does this well) Episodes involve them saving the town and the things they do in their lives.  That's our summary. 
   Now to Z :  In this series , they aren't sisters or even have superpowers, or know each other at first.  The Professor , by association isn't their father , but he is a a father to a boy named Ken. They are also older than in the original series or even the up coming remake series.  Oh and a dog too.(you may think our mentioning the dog has no point...well nope you'll see)  In this series it's called New Townsville , compared to the original's Townsville. (no spell check I mean Townsville , does Australia  have this problem?) One day the town there's snow in the middle of summer (ooh my kind of summer) and icebergs are forming over the city (ummmm ok) so Ken suggests using Chemical Z ,yes they changed letters ,to fix it and he shoots the rays to destroy the storm. These rays also went other places and three hit our heroes.  These rays come into play in most of the series as it affects and makes the villains and strange things that happen in the town.  One Hits the dog , again this is important.  Eventually all 3 of the girls meet each other  and become the superheros ,and unlike the original series not everyone in town knows they are. 
copryight TV Tokyo 
 They went to the Clark  Kent school of disguises 

     The dog, named Poochie ,  is important because he signals to the girls when they have some superheroing to do. (also he's a robot dog , see now that would be extra info)  Mo Jo Jo was a big part in the original series and he is here in this series, in both series was affected by Chemical (X/Z) otherwise used to be a regular chimp.  Also the Powerpuff girls' biggest Villain  from the original series , HIM , was in this series and had an arc.  He even causes alot of the some of the middle episodes... chaos.  For example, Him gets Bubble's toy to make it able to break up the powerpuff girls.   
copyright TV Tokyo 
 "I'll get you Batman... oh that's Him .hmmm"

            There is a difference in their powers in this show , they don't have laser eyes , heat breath, ice breath , but can use bubbles, a hammer, and Yo-Yo, and of course they can fly.   As I said earlier they aren't sisters in this series , here's a look at their families:  Blossom has a sister "Kasey" ,Bubbles lives with her grandmother. Buttercup has a pro wrestler for a father , her mother is the least aggressive one , and she also has two brothers.  They took some of the personalities from the original series and expanded them here , Blossom's  leadership like skills, though the other girls don't want there to be a leader. She also  likes comic books and super heroes , which made it ironic that she becomes one ( a super hero not a comic book...but you already knew that , I just haven't said anything in some time)  and she has a thing for sweets. (Who doesn't?)  Bubbles, like in the original, is the "sweetest" one. she also helps when there's tension between the strong personalities of  Buttercup and Blossom get in the way and causes them to fight. She also has a love for animals.   Buttercup's tomboyish ness is even more in this series  too the way she dresses , when she first is changed to into a superhero by the Z Ray she gets angry about the skirt.  She has a love of sports and is a tough talker. (probably why she has the hammer)  

    It's interesting to see this show's take on the original series ... but yet giving most of the show it's own arcs and story-lines that are original . I as a fan of said original series, have found enjoyment in this one  it has a lot of it's own flare. If you are watching it to expect it to be the same exact show then that will disappoint , but watching it by itself is really nice take.   

     That's our lookback and tune  in next time when we find out that Lilo has left Stitch and now Stitch has  moved on to a different country and a new girl.

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