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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Lookback : He's Not Inspector Gadget Anymore

The Flashback 

   We've written about the now former TV company ,  DIC, and one their famous series , Inspector Gadget. Well, we have done some more digging and found more Inspector Gadget related stuff, and that is what we are going to review today.

Ha ha Ha Ha, No. Really No. 
        What we are reviewing is a technical, sequel to the original 80's series (with noticeable lack of not being that 1999 film) called Gadget  and  the Gadgetinis.  (With a noticeable lack of the word , inspector)  Developed by  DIC, Fox Kids Europe and slew of others, there was even the original creator of the Inspector Gadget involved in this series , Jean Chalopin, (The Creator of DIC) This was a 2001 series that ran a couple seasons.   Things  have changed for ole Gadget ,  first he is no longer an inspector. (well finally they ...)  He is now a  Lieutenant (what?!)  the dog Brain has left the because apparently working for Gadget was too much work for him.  The Show takes place about 2 years after the original ,so Penny , his niece, is still  there she's 12 now. She also built the replacements for Brain. We found out later in the series that Brain jumps at  the mention of the word gadget (Brain Jumps) oh he can talk.   Now this will explain what we mean by Gagetinis, (which is not a martini for Gaget) they are two robots named  Fidget and Digit. In the main series , you recall that Penny was the instrument in Gadget's able to stop whatever crimes are going on. Though she doesn't follow him around as much , as she stays at home able to use the robots instead. 
Robots...taking the jobs of dogs now.../copyright DHX 
       Gadget now works for an organization called World Organization of Mega Powers or WOMP if you like. There is a new superior named  Colonel Nozzaire , who doesn't seem to like Gadget much because well he's Gadget.  The leader of WOMP is called General Sir (because names are hard)  and he is oblivious to any of Gadget's lack of awareness.  The rest of the series follows the formula of Gadget going to stop M.A.D agents of Doctor Claw, though  unlike the first series not every episodes has to do with claw.  
 Gadget had some work done../copyright DHX 
Apparently  so did Penny /copyright DHX

    The show was pretty much goofy and had the element of the original series ,where Penny was going all the under work , unknown to anybody else, including her uncle.  Gadget was still bumbling but not well (see 1999 movie for any words , wait don't see that movie). Probably due to having the creator involved or something  it had some of the spirit of the original series ,so it's enjoyable. 
That's our lookback ... (yes it's short)  Tune in next time.... there's a little fun after the Jump 

    For a little extra the theme song in French which used a modified version of the 1980's awesome theme , the English version didn't use that music for this show. 


 That's our lookback .. tune in next time when we found out that Penny was never really there.

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