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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A List of 10 : Our Favorite Gravity Falls episodes

List of 10 

 written  by Skyler

       Yes we know , Gravity Falls ended in February and there are tons of lists like this on the internet , we are guessing , but none are a Joshuaonline list  ,plus Gravity Falls lives on in repeats and in our hearts of this amazing wonderful show.  With the show ended , we can just look through all the episodes and find our 10 favorites.  On some shows there are episodes I  Love, like , ok with , and don't like . The Simpsons has that  affect on me, but this show is pretty much every single episode I love so with  40 , I had to find 10 that I  feel are my favorites out of the 40. Also these are my favorites that means they are my opinion , would love to know what yours are though.

10.  Headhunters  (Season 1, Episode 3) 

      This episode is just weird fun . Mabel and Dipper find Stan's old  wax sculptures  but wax Abe Lincoln has been melted by the blinds being opened. (It probably was Wax John Wilks Booth) so Mabel makes a wax Stan replacement , but then wax Stan has been be headed.  Dipper and Mabel search for clues and look at suspects in the town and it's twist is fun.  Also Wax Larry King is awesome. 

9. Boss Mabel (Season 1, Episode 13) 

       Mabel becomes the boss at the Mystery Shack after she makes a bet with Stan.  Mabel running the Mystery Shack is a funny sight as she uses 80's business ideas and let's the others do their ideas. While Stan's scenes at the game show are funny and quick paced.  It's a fun , crazy  episode .

 8.  Bottomless Pit! (season 1 ,Episode 14) 

    This is an episode where  Dipper,Mabel, Stan, and Soos fall down a bottomless pit and while they are falling they pass the time with stories  (as you do)  Each story is fun and in true Gravity Falls style and they probably  all really  happened to characters.  Soos' story has a great title : Soos' Really Great Pinball Story , Dipper having his voice issues is very Dipper, and  giving Stan truth dentures is a bad idea and makes it really funny that he can't lie.  It's a great mixture of stories. 

7. Fight  Fighters (Season 1, Episode 10)  

      Wendy's  boyfriend, Robbie , challenges Dipper to a fight  he gets a video game character from an arcade game to help him fight.  It's  a fun episode filled with arcade and 80's game references and really funny scenes with Dipper  and Rumble McSkirmish are great interactions. 

6. The Stanchurian Candidate (Season 2, Episode 14) 

    What would happen if Stan ran for office? This episode  is answers that question  it's a fun episode with  a new Gideon scheme. It's interesting to notice that Dipper and Gideon both had similar plans to control someone puppet style. Also Gravity Falls' election  rules  fits that town so well. 

5. The Inconveniencing (Season 1, Episode 5)

     Dipper is trying to act cool for Wendy and her friends  , but has to do something embarrassing to save them from ghosts who died after being shocked by actions of teenagers (ha!) Mabel's lost in a candy that was banned induced state, that brings some of the episodes most memorable scenes  and the lamby Dance! (poor Dipper) 

4. Irrational Treasure (Season 1, Episode 8) 

    Dipper is trying to prove that the town wasn't founded by the NorthWest family, and Mabel is helping to prove she's not silly.  We also meet our 8 1/2 president Quentin Trembley. It's a fun episode and  shows that somtimes looking at things in a different way helps get the solution. Stan's scenes where is in the stocks are funny and pure Stan.  

3. Tourist Trapped (Season 1, Episode 1)

     Yes , the First episode, it's where we first meet everyone and we get our first taste at the strangeness. We get the Gnomes for the first time and where Dipper gets his iconic pine tree hat. It's not the first episode of the show I ever saw , but when I did , I loved it.  

2. The Time Traveler’s Pig (Season 1, Episode 9)

    This is the episode that where Waddles comes in, which all we saw before of him was in the opening theme. We also get  a time travel episode and we meet Blendin Blandin  and we visit past episodes.  The sight gags are also something to love in this and you will be rewatching to look at all of them again.   

Our honorable mentions... 
  5.  We could have interchanged this episode for "Bottomless Pit" , "Little Gift Shop of Horrors" is fom Season 2 Episode 6 ,  it's another 3 story episode like Bottomless Pit, but hosted by Stan as he shows us "the customer" ,an item that he's trying to sell and tells the story about it.  Also we get Neil Degrasse Tyson , as a guest star as the voice of Waddles. 

4.  Double Dipper (Season 1, Episode 7 )  , Dipper Clones himself so he get closer to Wendy , it's a fun episode seeing the different Dippers' personalities  and Tyrone (the 1st Dipper Clone) and Dipper have great moments.  

3. Summerween (Season 1 , Episode 12) It is a sweet episode about how Dipper and Mabel are at the point between childhood and teenagedom and they are tying to get one last drip from it, while Dipper feels he wants to grow up yet doesn't want to let his sister down either.  

2. Dipper vs Manliness (Season 1 , Episode 6)  Dipper wants  to be seen as manly , so he joins these Manatours and goes on a quest to become and finds out more than he ever could have thought of. Plus Dipper and the BABBA song and the multi bear is a great part.  Mabel and Stan bonding time is nice here where she tries to help his dating life. 

1. Carpet Diem (Season1 , Episode 16)  Dipper finds a new room in the mystery shack  and he wants it , him and  Mabel find a carpet that causes them to switch bodies. Their reactions to the switch are funny and probably how someone would really react to that.  Plus Stan telling Mabel in Dipper body about male body changing is fun -sturbing. It has it's heart warming moments  and the reason why Dipper want the room. 

and now after the jump our favorite episode

1.  A Tale of Two Stans (Season 2 , Episode 12) 

   note lots of spoilers:

  It's told in Flashback and comes right after the episode  "Not What He Seems" when the portal is open and we find out about Stan has a twin brother.  We get their story in flashback it is shows us them as kids and highschool how close they were and then  the events that made them break apart and how Stan has been spending time  fixing the portal to get his brother back. It's a heartbreaking episode ,we get alot of sympathetic moments for the brothers. It has some funny parts to lighten the mood and doesn't mess it up at all. 

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