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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

But First These Messages : America is 200

But First these Messages 

        2016 is the United States  240th birthday ,and it's also the 40th anniversary of the bicentennial  which is a weird thing to say but that's what we are doing here , celebrating 1976 and America's bicentennial.  But first we need to prepare for July 4th so we need to buy some stuff.

But first These messages:
   We need some food , but  let's not cook it ourselves, but what should we get ?  What's more American than Hamburgers? (Hotdogs?)

    It is hard to get things your way... I mean you could fire the painter if he's not doing it your way but fine I guess. Back to burgers .. mmm Burger King that'll work we bring some for our bicentennial dinner bash.  Ah 1976 when food in commercials look like the food you will be buying. (It's like food without the make up)
 mmmmmmm 100% pure beef  what you mean burgers aren't.. never mind/burgerking eyeh8cbs/youtube

      Good we got the hamburgers and we fired the painter.  We need something to wash down the 100% pure beef (paint?) .  How about Coke?  (well I am leaving, I am an RC Cola lover) 

   Let me tell you my children , the ride of Paul Revere with his trusty Coke, he ran  to tell of it's deliciousness  and the British are trying to take it. (NOOOOOOO!!!!)   Also we should paint more fire hydrants red, white ,and blue.
     Coca-Cola went all out for the bicentennial theme.  

  For some people Coke might not be what they want (finally, we get some nice tasty Dr.Pepper here) so , we got 7UP (uuuuugh).

      MMM  Bicentennial Bottles  , though these bottles do limit me from passing off any old 7up as new ,but hey Washington  crossed the Delaware for 7UP so might as well some.

Darn 100% pure beef ..

   Johnny, please spell relief ... R-E-L-I-E-F , relief ...wrong it's R-O-L-A-I-D-S , relief.  

   Ah 1976 , your  antacid commercials were more direct and I remember what the product is so good job.  Yes it may not have a bicentennial favor , but you know what? America likes relief!

  Much better , but we gotta get some plates and tacky red,white , and blue decorations for our Bicentennial where ever shall we go?  (Amazon?)

    These are the happiest people to ever shop ,and they also sing their loyalty to  Kmart.  Infact these people are invited to our 4th of July 1976 party come on over guys we need your energy.

  All these people , are going to need to follow us for our party, but how do we make this easy?  Convoy time!  You know what else was popular in 1976?
uhhhh Not  Richard Nixon ? 

    Yep, that's right .. CB Radios (well I was close) 

   We stopped by our Local Radio Shack getting some CB Radios  now we can have convoy  that's 10-4   on our way to the big D.

  Welp to time to buy a car...

  Nothing says  America like  a big car ... actually that would be a nice to have, looks comfy maybe too comfy like you will fall a sleep in the comfort and verve off the road, good thing we have  a CB Radio.
Sure, Oldsmobile ,build me one  everything on it , and wrap it up. /GM/ OsbornTramain.youtube 

     I want this cereal , take all my money Kellog's your commercial has convinced me .  At least this one is patriotic.  If you love America give it some love and buy some Kellog's cereal , go ! We'll wait. because Yes, we Can!

   That's our messages ...now back to our program "Abe Lincoln vs Godzilla"...

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