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Thursday, June 02, 2016

It's Lookback ,Charlie Brown : You're Not Elected ,Charlie Brown

The Flashback 

    Happy Election year!  (Wait where are you going?)  Well let's talk about Charlie Brown not getting elected. Wait, did this special gives us the ending , that  Charlie Brown runs for some election and loses?  Also before anyone notes: this is not a holiday related special at all , so we are in the clear.  Let's take a look.

                                     Hmm someone is just being mean now/copyright Peanuts

     "You're Not Elected ,Charlie Brown" was first broadcast on CBS ( might as well say the network)  on October 29, 1972 (an election year, the reelection of Nixon ) . The  Special does re air on ABC, as part of their broadcasts of "The Great Pumpkin" we will talk more about ABC in this too.

 I am not sad that I won, I am sad there is no cream for this coffee  

       It starts with Sally is unhappy with school  and  after Charlie Brown and her play 20 questions  we found out that she is unhappy about her locker , she can't get it open. (It's 24 left , Sally, 24 left!) Charlie Brown says he will help her with the situation.   So the few minutes is Charlie Brown and Sally talking ,having breakfast, and Snoopy made their lunches.(Because why not?,and still no Charlie Brown not being elected )   We get some handy locker tips , after that didn't work out well  Sally brings Charlie Brown to her class (Charlie Brown is nice big brother...or Big Brother ) where she presents him as her show-and-tell-project, after Charlie leaves the class he finds out some kids gathered around  a student body election sign up poster.
Charlie Brown was then led the room ...and never seen again/Peanuts 

     (Wait...tell them)  If you have only watched this special on ABC you may be wondering what I am talking about. (We wonder that anyway)   The Whole scene was edited out , they even changed the music on the opening.  They did keep in the Snoopy making his breakfast part, that is where they started , and the part where he gives the lunch, then jump cuts to Charlie Brown at the sign up poster.   (ABC: A Big Cut )   
         Linus tells Charlie Brown that he should run and he would vote for said Charlie Brown. (Linus a True friend)   Lucy  volunteers to be  his campaign manager   (woah Lucy being nice) and she does a poll and finds out that he has no chance (never mind).  I guess that ends our special..Charlie Brown wasn't elected.  The Joe Cool scene was kept in the ABC broadcast. So the idea turns to Linus running  for the president. 
You will vote for this face/ copyright Peanuts 

     Lucy goes around polling students ,with some minor threats added, (aww 1972, you never fail me) Though one person she asks says no, because he is running.  99% said they would , so Linus announces that he was running.  Schroeder nominates  Linus and compares him to Beethoven. Lucy makes Charlie Brown her assistant. (she is being really nice in this special) Snoopy and Woodstock become Charlie Brown's assistants.  Linus is for Drinking fountains, wants longer recess, and against homework and for sick pay. (Vote for Linus) 

No Homework ,you say? He wins my vote 

   The next part of running an election campaign  is going to do interviews, so Linus does a call in talk show.  Ok ABC edited this scene , they edited the part to just two callers and then the talk show ends. (Cheap) The full part has a couple more phone calls. I am feeling it was removed due to commercial needs or something because it has some funny moments and doesn't seem not to be un needed. (In fact the ABC edit I have goes to commercial break right after the edited scene)

                                 How I feel about ABC's commercials./Copyright  Peanuts

       Now it's election speech day ,we find out the name of Linus' competition ,  Russel Anderson,  He gives a short speech. Lucy calls it the worst speech she ever heard.(ah 1972)  Linus gives a more rousing speech. (Guess what ABC did?)   Yep they did edit out part of his speech. (just like the media)  
    In the ABC version Linus says "I will demand immediate improvements and any little dog who happens to wonder on the playground will not be chased away, but welcomed! " 
 In the original :  "I will demand immediate improvements , I will demand cross the board wage increases for custodians, teachers, and all administrative personnel,  and any little dog who happens to wonder on the playground will not be chased away, but welcomed!" They did keep the getting rid of cap and gown kindergarten graduations and 6th grade dances.    

  Vote for Linus he likes dogs /Copyright Peanuts 
        Now the last speech  Linus mentions The Great Pumpkin and everyone laughs at him.  But luckly Linus has a great team working for him and can clean up his mess. (Just like a real candidate)     Election day comes , even Russel votes for Linus and it ends up being 84  Linus 83 Russel. Linus becomes president.  But as Linus finds out there is a higher power where he can't do everything he though he could.    
   ABC at the end did edit out  at the end where when Sally kicks the locker it opens, but didn't notice, they edited out the part where it opens.  That's a funny part because one of Charlie Brown's suggestions was to hit it at the bottom. 
 A fun fact: this was the first animated special to have Woodstock in it, and we get the Joe Cool theme for the first time here.   It is based a set of strips from October of 1964  (you can read starting from here  or in color starting from here )   Where he is encouraged to run but  in this case , he loses it after the Great Pumpkin debacle.  

 That's our lookback ... tune in next time when Lucy runs for mayor.  

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