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Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Lookback :Game Shows II in Your Lifetime

The Flashback   Game Shows 

      We've done game shows before (hence the II ) so we decided to do another lookback at  game shows that used to air on Daytime ,but don't anymore.  Let's go shall we?

1. Supermarket Sweep  
   You know what is fun ?  Supermarkets (let's make it a game show).  That is what this game show was , for note : we are talking about the U.S series  in this case.   The first version began on ABC in 1965  hosted by Lloyd Gross and run for two years.   The show was really done in a supermarket in this era.  Food Fair (which sounds like something else)  in New York they would change locations,   The concept was  there  were questions about prices of objects at the store. (Like the Price is right but with prices being right... never mind)   There was  a base start time of 1:30 , the questions would lead to see who would get 15 seconds more time if they got  the price or close enough to it.  Then the 2nd part was where the sweep comes in (they raced on brooms .. not really that would be cool though)  after gathering the time  they would go on the shopping spree  the winners were those who go the most items got to do it again the next game . (Yay!!!?)

                        This is the happiest I've been at supermarket since the great soda spillage /Youtube
       In 1990, the show made a return to  Lifetime of all places  and it had a new early 90's feel and everything.   For this version instead of wasting a supermarket's time  they created a mock one at Hollywood Center Studios.  This one had 3 rounds  : The Questions,  Sweep , and Bonus sweep  (oooh) otherwise now their 3 teams of 2 and colors since it's 1990.  Blue, Red and Yellow  (Green was considered but it didn't like the contract)  The food on the show was ummm not for consumption   The questions had multiple formats instead of the old price is right style before.
               I'm watching Lifetime so when is , you know Lifetime jokes are too easy/Lifetime
 The series ran from 1990-1995 on Lifetime , it beat the first one by a few years. Come in the last time when a network called PAX TV picked it up in 2000  and it first used the same set before moving in 2001. They also kept the same style as Lifetime.  PAX TV had three seasons , but sadly that was the last of the show too bad., oh well.

2. Debt 

 What? That's the name yep. and back to Lifetime (conspiracy) in 1996. It was hosted by Wink Martindale (you may know him as the host of Tic-tac-dough)  So what is this game show?   You have three contestants are a put in debt  (yay?!)  between $6000 and $10,000 .   The idea was to get out of debt. (Sounds easy)   They had to answer who am I questions  did well your debt goes down , do bad your debt goes up. (Just like real life!)  And the end the person with the most debt was eliminated (we hope figuratively)  and given  a $200 saving bond and a piggy bank. (Good I was on the just for the bank) .   Then the show continued the highest debt in 2nd round would be eliminated,  they would attempt to win more money or   if they didn't make it would get $1,500  or $1,000 saving bond.
 It aired on in the slot replacing by Shop 'Til you Drop on Lifetime.  It ran  until 1997 , it was pulled by  Lifetime after being sued by Merv Griffin because of Jeopardy. (boo!)

               Hey! Who wants Debt!!!! wait ...nevermind/Lifetime

3.  Shop Til you Drop!
      Ok we  have a theme :Lifetime  , shopping , oh an a PAX bonus. In this show, forget the market it's a 90's dream ...the mall!   The series began in 1991 on Lifetime ( sigh) hosted by Jeff Goldstein.  The concept of the show was there were two teams of two to win prizes and a trip. They had something called stunt rounds were mini games played one minute length.   You had a shopper's challenge round  it had where you had quick questions in pop culture or shopping.    Anyway  , after awhile  Lifetime ended the show because it moved to Family Channel (later known as Fox Family , now known as Freeform). In 1996 when it moved it was called the New Shop 'Til you Drop. Pax picked up reruns it did so well that they made their own in 2000 and it ran for 3 seasons. (Also reunited the show with Supermarket Sweep) .
 PAX made some changes :  they made it more like a giant warehouse store instead and the stunts were made into questions instead of balloons in pants. (which sounds dirty)

                       Shop Till Drop..that just sounds painful

That's our lookback at game shows II , tune in next time when we found a game show where people had to shop inside a drug store or else face debt  but was canceled right in the middle because Merv Griffin sued them. (I hope that's not real)

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