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Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Lookback: It's Still a Good Life

The Flashback 

        Alot of posts on this blog for lookbacks take a look at  movies or revivals of TV Shows to show us  what happens years after the series ended.  It's to answer our questions that fan-fiction writers  can also answer in fun ways.   This a new different case we are taking a look at an episode of the Twilight Zone's  update  on it's revival series from 2002. (The title of our post should give it away)   Season 3 Episode 8 of the Twilight Zone is called "It's a Good Life" based off a short story, this episode came out in 1961 and one of the famous Twilight Zone episodes.   It's about a 6 year old boy named Anthony Fremont who controls the town and everyone makes sure  they appease him or you will end up to "the cornfield" (I do like corn).  So fast forward now to 2002, the UPN revival series  has an update on this story. 

          The same town of Peaksville, Ohio (home of the Peaksville Otters, GO otters!) is still   in the fear of Anthony, who is now 40. (Played by the same actor as before)  but now he has a daughter  named  Audrey (who is played by his real life daughter), who apparently hasn't inherited the magic gift.   Also Anthony's mother apprently hasn't angered her son ,she's still around (and Cloris Leachman reprises her role as well).   Our episode begins with Audrey fell from a tree , and in normal world this would end with some kisses and hugs and everyone going inside (or chopping down the tree in anger to avenge it ) Anthony makes  Timmy's father (who was the boy playing with his daughter) go away in flames.When his daughter tells her grandmother she hates her father , there is the realization she may have the same powers.    Agnes ,the mother/grandmother, tells Audrey not to use her powers around her father or even think of them, though he can't read her thoughts but she can read his.  
Names not listed : people I made disappear /copyright Time Warner

          Agnes shows a neighbor that Audrey (themes in names are fun) has powers because Agnes' plan is to rid the town of her son. (Some mother she is)  Of course, you weren't wondering because you could guess what happened to Anthony's wife, cornfield.  Anges feels guilty for having the child (or jealous she didn't have the powers)  and wished she killed him a long time ago. 

Too bad my son outlawed guns/ copyright Time Warner 
        Her plan is to use her own grand-daughter to ...oh you got it already. In the show the town much like the original episode has been cut off the rest of the world and stuck in a 50's world and apparently 36 years later , it's still that way. ( I guess the clothes are hand-me-downs )   Anthony  confronts the neighbor after he sees her and his mother talking at the bowling game, it was something about Audrey. (Duh ,reads minds)  When Audrey and Agnes are looking back at pictures of the original episode they talk about watches which Anthony  made disappear and Audrey makes one re appear.  Agnes finds out that she can make things come back.    
 also returned :50's retro  /copyright Time Warner
       Anthony returns home  un happy that people are keeping secrets from him about his daughter, he requests that Audrey make Agnes' photo album disappear and she does. The next day he calls a town meeting, the subject is he doesn't trust the town because of sneaky people. (Next week's topic : Taxes) He wants to send 4 people away  his mother finely cracks and  gives her feelings and she says she curses the day he was born and has been thinking of ways to get rid of him.  Agnes asks Audrey to wish away her own father , but she can't and when a man comes behind her father she makes him disappear. saving his life. Then Audrey sends Agnes away, because she was thinking mean thoughts about her.  Audrey then  makes everyone in the town go away except her father.  
Glad she fired those extras and Cloris Leachman they were getting expensive/ copyright Time Warner 

        And that's the end....(ppst  we have a few extra minutes) , Anthony  misses everyone (why?) and she makes everything he made disappear   return even cities and countries (why?)  and she wants to see New York. Anthony says that New York has a lot of people, Audrey adds they all better be nice to them or else.  Audrey suggests they could visit other places too ( I wish they had gotten their own series , it would have been fun) A couple who are driving a 2002 car , somehow show up asking for directions as Anthony and Audrey go up to them the picture goes to black and white and dissolves. 
      Well  that was an interesting episode of the more un noticed and maybe not as well loved 2nd revival of the Twilight Zone. It was fun to see what happened after that first episode and it was a nice touch bringing back the  two main actors and having the real daughter play as the daughter.   Somehow them going around the country or world would have been made a good drama spin off in my mind.   

   Anyway that's our look back tune in next time when  , oh hey Anthony  and Audrey ... 

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