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Thursday, July 21, 2016

VH1 Classic becoming MTV classic

TV News 

    Viacom's VH1 spinoff channel ,VH1 Classic, is getting re branded on on August 1st , which also happens to be the 35th birthday of the launch of  sister network, MTV to MTV Classic.

As announced by a video on the VH1 Classic Twitter account

     This also continues a renaming that Viacom has been doing to it's music group's spinoff channels  over the past year with  MTV Jams being renamed under the BET James banner, Palladia being renamed as the American version of MTV Live,  VH1 Soul became  BET Soul , and CMT Pure Country became  CMT Country.

  VH1 Classic was launched in 2000 as channel that aired older VH1 music videos  but move to also air other music themed programming  and had  more focus on Adult hits and rock.
    From previews of the new line up it seems to be airing older MTV shows like "Unplugged", "Daria" , "Beavis and Butt-Head", TRL related stuff , and possibly more.  This is also looks to be the end of VH1 named channels besides VH1.

 If we get more information ,we will update this article....

Updated: 7/28/2016

    The Launch day will be at 6amet ,replacing VH1 , the first program will be the airing of MTV's first ever hour  in it's entirety , this will air at 6amet , 12pmet and  2amet.

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