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Thursday, January 12, 2017

PSA Month: Don't play around Trains (I mean really)


    Public service announcements : Those things that you might end up seeing during un-sold time on a CW affiliate on a Saturday Morning, or on your cable system during the local commercial opt time.  That is what we are talking about this month on  Joshuaonline (Celebrating 11 years ), now now we wont' be talking about "This is your Brain on Drugs" because it's too famous and honestly, rather boring.    We have to to do something more exciting.  In the United Kingdom they are called Pif's (Public Information Films) and  sometimes they aren't all just for ad breaks, some can be longer , like the featured today called "The Finishing Line". It's 19 minutes of what the heck?

          At first it seems tame , there's a boy on the side of the bridge. (well that sounds tame)  Hearing a voice saying the "... railways aren't for any playing of games" (not even scrabble). That's true, don't play games around trains.  The voice says it twice to hammer its point. (like a hammer to a nail)   The boy then takes words and. thinks:
                            a)  Yes  It's really stupid to play on trains I won't do that.
                            b)   Nah,  I'm playing with any train I want
                            c)    Where is that voice coming from?
                            d)    This is trick list of  solutions.
                  He thinks though, if it was he'd have special races and trains and a whole Train dodging Olympics.  (also a band)

Hmm well he's sure has one wild imagination. 

                   Where is this going? (To Wonderland?)  It leads to a band playing happy music by the train tracks. (They must be launching a new train)  It looks like a happy day there are some people there , looks like a real fun day, I wanna join!   Also there are some medical staff  because, kids are fragile.  There's a trophy ah I see it must be some sort of field day, well this might be fun thing to watch, yeah maybe it's not a P.I.F after all.   (hahhhaha)  Aw Wait , there's  a race going to happen well this very happy and cheerful , this is weird.     Ok it's too happy what goes wrong?
                              a) During the race one of the kids accidentally goes the wrong way and a train gets him because he ran in the tracks.
                             b)   There's a dispute to the winner of the race
                             c)   HA HAH HAHAHHAHAHAHHAH, trick question

                Ok, let's see the rules to race : Wait what?

You really should have put this race in a better location, there's a Train Here! 

             So the children have to run across the tracks before the train comes. (This was an  Olympic sport before it was banned in 1984 ,after a cheating scandal,  --- This is a Lie)
      The race starts and apparently, the first goal is get through the fence. (Mean fence keeping people out)  Almost all get across ,except one because the train. (Moral of the story : Most will make it across , except one? No wait, it's saying  just because everyone else makes it across, doesn't mean you will, aaaah)
    The next thing, is throw stuff at the moving train. (what?)
Seems hard.  

                       It's 2 PTS for a smashed Window (that's also how you play baseball in the neighbourhood, yeah we added a 'u" or our British readers, that's how we kept the U)
                       It's 4 PTS for a direct hit (wait wait, direct hit? ...people?)

      So the children throw rocks at the train.  Yep the 4pt hit is where you directly hit people, as evidence by crying girl 1 and bleeding train drive 1. Well that's disturbing.  (Moral of the story: Don't throw things at trains)

               There's a musical interlude   and meet us after the jump , but let the train pass first.

              The third event in the How to Weed Out the Population Olympics (On N.B.C :Now Bleed Children)   is to cross the tracks with 2 teams smashing into the other teams while the train is coming. (This even was removed from the Olympics in 1987 , and replaced by Soccer in the 1992 Olympics,--- This is  a lie)

                                            This is  really bad idea....

     They do decide to space out the events happening because, otherwise It would be disturbing.  We get the children talking about their strategy with their teams.    (Ummm  don't get hit by train?)


  To put it coldly, the train does it's thing:  the medics come in with stretchers and do their thing. (Moral of the story: Don't do that)
   The music plays again (big budget here) and  the fourth event set start it involves a tunnel. (of love?)

Darn it , Steve that was supposed to say "Great Tunnel Work"!  Well Sir, you need to speak clearly your ork sounds like alk.  I'll alk you. 

  The goal is to walk through the train tunnel from one side to the other. (and remember it's train tunnel so guess what?)    A train goes through the tunnel and it does it's thing. (sorry ,that does sound cold, but it's better than what really happens)   The band picked a really bad time to randomly  jump cut to.  Anyway kids start coming out of the tunnel and well they are in not a good condition.   The rest of the children are brought out by adults and maybe older kids and laid on the tracks , while the band plays somber music.
    I think that last part  is to express what damage can be done if the viewer runs on a track or plays in a tunnel in this case, that trains are dangerous things.  
   It goes back to the boy and the voice over says if you think it's a good idea, than do they care to stand up.

   Well  this is one not defiantly, some guy telling you that his breakfast is your brain on drugs. It's message is pretty much that playing around trains is not a game you could get hurt or hurt others, Which is a true message, but at the same time it's presentation probably scared  it's younger viewers into never wanting to see a train again. (Thomas the Tank engine scares me)   So well that's it.  

You can Watch it yourself  right here:


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