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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Not A Peanuts Lookback : Peanuts


      We are taking a short break from our Peanuts lookbacks until the next time we do them (September, since we started this every other month pattern),so I thought it would be interesting to talk about other "Peanuts" related media. In this case "Peanuts".

   "Peanuts" is a French cartoon that started in 2014  produced by Normaal Animation, and airs on French television and has now also expanded to other countries , like the United States.  It is based off the comic strip.

        The series is presented as shorts so each episode is not long or feature length. The ascetics of the cartoon  is very much like a moving comic strip. Backgrounds are static and feautre color changes ,and transitions are modeled after comic strip panels. 

        The characters look as they do and the style of animation  again gives it feel  of the comic just in motion and not having to read speech bubbles.   The episodes work with the strips for example there's an episode of Linus running for class president (much like You're not Elected Charlie Brown) and it takes it's materiel from the arc of Linus running  in the strip from. 1964 (even more than the special did) 

   It pretty much takes those strips line for line and puts them  in a little different order and spotting but still line for line. 
That's terrifying a little

                 The series keeps that Peanuts comic feel very well  and like I stated is faithful to its source.  (Though, I   Think it wouldn't have been made if it wasn't.)   The length works since not all the strips had long arcs in the first place and it's kind how "The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show" worked. 

  Here is a sample of the episodes Thanks to Cartoon Network (US) youtube page. 

   There's not too much else I can say about the series, all I have to say is check it out and see what you think. I think it's pretty good and works it's source materiel well. 

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