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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Halloween : Pumpkin Heads are scary


    It's that time of year again  (Yep,the countdown to Christmas is on!) and since it is the near Halloween  guess it would be good to look at some Halloween or Halloween-related stuff.

    R.L Stine is famous for his book series : "Goosebumps" which also had a TV series, The Nightmare Room, which also had a TV Series,  Mostly Ghoslty , which had a TV movie,  Fear Street, and more. He likes his horror and spooky I guess.   Since this is a television related blog we will be look at the television side and this maybe a series you may have not heard of from R.L Stine called "The Haunting Hour: The Series" based off his other series this first was a movie called "The Haunting Hour: Don't think about it"  This was  series that started in 2010 on the new Hub Network (at the time it was new ... and existed)  this series even though it was on a channel marketed  toward kids and families said that didn't mean it couldn't get dark.  (There's  a Christmas episode I may have to talk about in the future.)

         This time I am going to look at a Halloween themed episode from season called "Pumpkinhead".

     Please note there are spoilers ahead , but I'll try to minimize the amount of them.  

        The episode starts with a telephone post holding a picture of a missing child  (already dark and I guess foreshadowing).  It's Halloween day ,two brothers named Scott and Dave and their sister, Allie, are ready for Halloween and their mom has to work that evening so their sister is in charge. The school is doing a trick or treat event which apparently, is  a surprise to the mother who mentions that something happened last year. (What? please tell me!)  Scott is unhappy that he's 14 and can't go out on his own after dark. (I think he more un happy that he can't go out not the 14 part, though maybe)  He says that some kid went missing last year ruined his fun. ( Yeah poor him)

Darn kid, maybe you should go missing! / Copyright The Hatchery 

     Anyway, Scott suggests to his brother on how to get a real pumpkin not that tiny one his mother gave him - go to a farm that's not open the public and take one of their's!  (what?)  Allie thinks it's a bad idea.  So he convinces her that if they go he won't bother her or her friend that evening and she agrees. (that was easy.)  The scary music seems to suggest this was a bad idea.  

You know what, sis, it's a great day for stealing/ copyright The Hatchery

    Eventually a man comes out and catches them and yells at them and makes them go away. (He's convinced me)  Scott decides  to take a couple pumpkins from the farm  on their way out. (That maybe a bad idea and the music agrees)  While back at home Scott is still annoyed that he is going to the school for trick or treating and suggests that they should go back to the farm and have "real fun." Allie says no to that. She also finds out that her friend can't come over all.  Scott says the whole town is taking the fun out of Halloween.  Dave opens the pumpkins and finds worms in it. (oops) Scott opens the other one and it seems normal but Dave notices a tooth. (Aww that Pumpkin is losing it's baby teeth it's growing up!)  Scott thinks it's a trick by the farmer and wants to go back to play some tricks on him, but Allie once again says no.
I think there's something unusual about these pumpkins/copyright The Hatchery

more after the jump

    That evening they come back home  and the trick or treat at school didn't go to well, of course Scott wants to go back to that farm.  (Let it go man)! While waiting for the pop corn to finish he gets abducted by pumpkin headed figures. Allie thinks that Scott escaped back to the farm so she decides to find him. Dave doesn't want to go , but she convinces him , just to stay in the car. At the farm she can't find Scott though. She ends up going into the barn to see if he is there.
Scott? Is that you? Take off that paper mask you look stupid. /Copyright The Hatchery

      She runs into the pumpkin headed figures, that look like the ones that took Scott earlier and they chase after her.   She trips over something covered in a sack and finds a pumpkin  with a face.  Farmer Palmer mentions the kids that went missing last year and she figures out that he took them, he says that they are his now , his pumpkin heads. Spolier ahead  bewarb you can skip ahead past here if you don't  want to know how it ends  :

         He reveals that Scott is one his now.  She screams and it cuts to Dave sleeping in the car with a pumpkin head  Allie . The end.  Yep that's how it ends, there is a sequel episode but it has nothing do with Scott, Dave, or Allie, so it leaves it to the imagination.

For the skippers start here :   Great spook for Halloween this episode was pretty good and the ending when I first saw it wasn't expecting it would end the way it did.  It does get pretty dark for a series that again made for a channel that was targeting children and family audiences.  From re-watching I can also see how the little clues match up  as well.  If you remember the "Goosebumps" series or "The Nightmare Room" you may like this one as well. And for Halloween this episode is spine chilling.  Tune in next time when we found out what happened to Linus when he went to the wrong pumpkin patch and mysteriously disappeared.

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