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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Iowa Caucus Media Preview

   By Skyler and Joshuaonline staff
     Today is the Iowa Caucus , the Republicans are working on finding their next nominee for the presidential race. We take  a preview and ask questions about what will be seeing and covering on Joshuaonline.
        1. The Network Coverage. The Networks (NBC,ABC,CBS,and FOX) won't be covering the Caucasus in real time , leaving the winner announcement to local newscasts , though ABC NEWS will do some during 'Nightline' as well.
       2. Current TV versus MSNBC  . Current TV is a cable channel run by former Vice-President Al Gore , the channel has been evolving into news and opinion , calling themselves a progressive source, or more targeted to  liberal viewers. MSNBC primetime also has been doing the same. Tonight both channels will have Caucus coverage using liberal hosts we will want to know how the two channels covered it if any difference in that.
       3. FOX NEWS ,CNN,CNBC,FOX BIZ  They will be having full coverage tonight  of the Caucus with less  of a spin compared to MSNBC and Current.
        4. The media post spin Elections on TV always need to fill that extra time and the way done is using analysts   to spin what happened and why.  Plus in  a caucus which is different than a primary  , the polls that have been coming out have been playing with the media. That is what they use to take a measure and sometimes they are wrong, we will see if that happens, how they take it.
We will be doing more media looking during the Caucus tonight at 7PMET on Joshuaonline
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