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Thursday, October 29, 2015

ABC Announces their Countdown To 25 Days of Christmas 2015 line up

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   ABC Family has announced their schedule for their annual pre 25 Days of Christmas event , the Countdown to 25 days of Christmas.  Programming starts Sunday,  November 22nd  and will run until November 30th leading to their 25 Days of Christmas

from their facebook page 
Get ready for the COUNTDOWN to 25 Days of Christmas! Don't miss some of your favorite movies before 25 Days from November 22-30!
Sunday, November 22
5pm|4c The Parent Trap (1998)
8pm|7c Toy Story
10pm|9c Toy Story 2
8pm|7c Toy Story
10pm|9c Toy Story 2
Monday, November 23
4:30pm|3:30c Toy Story
6:30pm|5:30c Toy Story 2
8:30pm|7:30c Finding Nemo
12am|11c The Family Stone
Tuesday, November 24
5:30pm|4:30c Finding Nemo
8pm|7c ALL NEW Pretty Little Liars: Five Years Forward Special
9pm|8c ALL NEW Young & Hungry Christmas Special
12am|11c Jingle All The Way
Wednesday, November 25
4:30pm|3:30c Cinderella (1950)
6:30pm|5:30c Monsters, Inc.
8:30pm|7:30c Ratatouille
12am|11c Santa Baby
Thursday, November 26
3:45pm|2:45c Monsters, Inc.
6pm|5c Ratatouille
8:45pm|7:45c Planes (ABC Family Premiere)
12am|11c Holiday in Handcuffs
Friday, November 27
3:30pm|2:30c Tarzan
5:30pm|4:30c Planes
7:45pm|6:45c The Hunger Games
12am|11c Jingle All The Way
Saturday, November 28
6:30pm|5:30c The Incredibles
9pm|8c Wreck-It Ralph
11:15pm|10:15c Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
Sunday, November 29
5:30pm|4:30c The Incredibles
8pm|7c Wreck-It Ralph
10pm|9c Jingle All The Way
Monday, November 30
5pm|4c Jingle All The Way
7pm|6c Disney's A Christmas Carol
9pm|8c The Polar Express
12am|11c Little Fockers

We will have  ABC Family's  25 days of Christmas line up soon as well.  

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