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Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Lookback : Frankenweenie

The Flashback 
 notice: Spoliers 
     This time we take a lookback at  Frankenweenie. (Stop! , We taking a lookback at  movie from 2012?  That was 3 years ago,might as well...)  No , we are looking back at 1984's "Frankenweenie". (What?)
     Tim Burton made both the 1984  short film and  2012 feature film (so he ripped himself off?)   The movie is about 30 minutes in length (so it could be aired every year as a special?)   it's  boy and his dog movie.  The boy named Victor Frankenstein (umm yeah) likes making monster movies using his dog a bull terrier named  Sparky.(I was expecting a wiener dog )
                                              awww a boy and his dog/ Copyright Disney

  Much like the beginning of Finding Nemo , our movie has  death before the 5 minute mark. Yep, poor Sparky gets hit by a car.   Victor is of course is heartbroken by this.  Victor then learns at school that you can use electrical impulses  to move muscles and he gets inspired to bring Sparky back to life. (The one time a kid learns something from school)  So victor makes a machine to make a bolt of lighting to bring Sparky back to life. (Yes, he un burried the dog)  And Sparky is brought back to life (yay! , also Moral of the story kids, pay attention in school)  Though keeping the dog in the attic proves to be a fruitless idea (the dog gets out as soon as Victor falls asleep ) and he wonders the neighborhood.  Apparently they get freaked out. (why?, they've never seen a dog before?) Victor's parents find out about the dog and Victor explains what happened.
                                  aww a boy and his.. ahhh kill it , what it isit!!!!/ Copyright Disney

  The Frankensteins then figure out what to do about Sparky. (They want to keep the dog a secret from the world)  The neighbors (who apparently like to gossip and have nothing better to do) give funny looks to the Frankensteins and wonder what they have in there.  Victor's dad's idea is to invite people to re-meet Sparky. (Ummmm)  Though as expected they freak out (and mess up the carpet) and their screaming causes Sparky to run.  Victor runs to find Sparky and neighbors form an angry mob. (Monday : Neighborhood Watch , Tuesday: Neighborhood Mob)  Sparky runs to a miniature golf course.   The mob do what  normal people do around wooden infrastructure light a lighter to see inside and accidentally set the the windmill at the golf course on fire. (Isn't it my job to do what you did in the first part of the sentence?)  The problem is Victor is inside it with Sparky.  (The neighbors aren't just arsonists they are also murderers?)

                                 I know , honey, I loved that Windmill too / Copyright Disney

  Sparky drags Victor out in time (oh yay)  but the fire causes a part of the mill to collapse and it re kills Sparky. (Boo!) The neighbors realizing they were wrong (or also known as idiots )  decided to help rebring  Sparky back to life again-again. They use their cars (wait they didn't drive to the ...nevermind)  and they jump start Sparky (oh , hahha I just got the name)  Sparky lives again,  Sparky falls in love with a poodle at the end (a dogs dream ) and the movie ends.

  Now the back story... (yay) this movie was supposed be a short film to be aired with the re-release of Pinocchio in theaters. But due to test screenings , they thought children were horrified.

                                  Yes, because Disney never makes things to horrify children. 

 They fired Tim Burton because of that  and over spending (well maybe that ) and it wasn't released  , until later. When  Burton had sucessful movies of "Bettlejuice" , "Nightmare before Christmas" (So Disney un-fired him . like sparky was un-dead) and they released his movie with the Nightmare Before Christmas  DVD release.    
       I myself  first found the movie on Toon Disney,when they played the movie in 2008,  which is where one of my 3 copies of the movies is from.     It's an interesting  movie, it was made in 84 , but it's black and white and it feels like an old fashion monster movie. It's nice story and  since it's 30 minutes they  didn't have to pad it out with other things. As a person (as of writing this) who hasn't seen the remake , I am not going to compare the two  even if I did see the 2012  version I would say they are different movies and special in their own ways. (Cheap)  Meaning that while they have the same name and similarities they have their own stories to an extant. 

  If you want to see the movie , it's on the DVD version of Nightmare Before Christmas and included in the remake's  DVD and Blu Ray, and it's on the internet . (Like us)     That's our lookback , tune in next time when we review the movies where Bambi , Nemo , and Cinderella bring their mothers back life .  

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