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Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Lookback: Halloween is Grinch Night

The Flashback 

                                                        Well he could at least smile/ copyright Universal
   Raise your hands , quick!  When you hear the word Grinch what do you think?  Christmas right? (NO , I was thinking Easter) Put those hands down.(No) Our special has the Grinch and Halloween.     This special is apparently, a prequel of "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" good because the Grinch became a ... (spoilers... rude).   It came out on October 29th, 1977 on  ABC (take that CBS) and won an Emmy.  It starts with Whoville (their baacck) when a wind is coming  and causes everyone to run inside their homes.  (wind is scary)  The narrator  explains that  the wind is a  sour sweet wind   that causes Gree Grumps to awake  and growl (  I do the same thing when I am awoken) then they wake up the Hakken  Krakks  and this causes the Grinch to get annoyed.
That Real estate agent was a lair , should have gotten the ranch home in Toldeo . /copyright universal

    So the Grinch  decides that it's  a wonderful night for Grinch night (when you are him you can make up any holiday you want)  and he Max (the dog you saw in the Christmas one) make their way to Whoville.   While the Grinch is stuck getting bristles out of hisself  after chasing a Wuzzy Woozoo (welp , we have lost our minds here please send help and money , just send money)  Euchariah (best name ever) , a Who has to leave the house to use the outhouse (though odd that Whos don't have  indoor plumbing but do have video phones) and the wind takes him up to the mountain.
                                      This is Euchariah, no other comment / copyright Universal
Euchariah and the Grinch meet  and we find out Euchariah has astigmatism  (he explains it great detail it's E/I worthy) and he decides to figure away to stall the Grinch from reaching town.   The Grinch   decides to scare the who (you should know his awesome name by now) This is pretty much a good chunk of  the special. Euchariah ,though is unperturbed and holds strong and after this time delay  the wind dies down and stops the  Hakken Kraaks  and Gree Grumps stop being annoyed and this stops the Grinch. (rules? I guess)  And the day is saved thanks to the Powerpuff Girls ... wait wrong thing sorry... Euchariah saves the day and the special is over.

  That's our lookback tune in next time  when we see another Dr.Suess  special about how the Grinch  tires to have Grinch night on  Thanksgiving.

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