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Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Lookback : Scooby Doo and Reluctant Werewolf

The Flashback 

       This time we lookback at something Scooby-Doo related a TV movie called "Scooby Doo and reluctant werewolf, it came out in 1988 on television syndication and I remember it airing on Cartoon Network in the past , though it might air on Boomerang once in awhile . (if this was Wikipedia it would say citation needed on that boomerang thing)
    Our movie starts with  the werewolf retiring (from terrorizing people?)  and Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster ,  Frankenstien's Monster's wife ,a mummy, Jangles the skeleton and other monsters  (oh scary a skeleton ) are not happy about this because they have a big car race coming up. (Yep that makes sense ) Apparently they can't have the race with out the werewolf  (the werewolf union fought hard for that) and Dracula will have to cancel the race  that is until he is reminded that they could just get a new werewolf.  Every 500 years the moon is a perfect werewolf making conditions (convenient ) that is tomorrow night  and that it's Shaggy's time. (Otherwise how else would this be a Scooby Doo segement, no Fred can't hold a Scooby Doo movie by himself)   Drac decides to end henchmen called Hunch Bunch (not a spinoff to the Brady bunch )  to America to get Shaggy.    They find Shaggy's house (how?)  and decide to cut a hole in the roof to let moon light (and bugs, lots of bugs )  in. Scooby hears their plan and helps Shaggy (raggy) out of the room.   Shaggy and Scrappy don't believe Scooby. (plot device number 282)
          The next night , Crunch and Brunch try and get Shaggy to the moonlight , by pushing him on a cart out of the supermarket but this place is foiled by truck parking on the x.

                                               our hero/ copyright Time Warner
         On the third night they stalk Shaggy who is on a date with his girlfriend Googie (no that is not a name) at a drive in film.  They take off his top of his car to allow the moonlight to do its thing.  It works well kind of  , since he had hiccups at the time he changes back and forth. When Shaggy goes to get some food , he turns into a werewolf (though he doesn't know)  and people start screaming.  Scooby over hears some kids talking to a cop about a werewolf and he hides.
              (So as not explain the whole movie  in some weird long post ,we instead skip every little thing to bring you to a little later  a bring you to the race)
    Now with Dracula  in Transylvania  , Shaggy is displeased being a werewolf and refuses to participate in the race.   Dracula tries everything to force him , even imprisoning him but Shaggy says no still.
                                              No! / Copyright Warner  Brothers
    So Drac decides to make a deal instead  , if Shaggy wins the race he will turn Shaggy back into human and let him and friends go, shaggy accepts this.   Drac worries that Shaggy will win the race and tries dirty tricks to  make sure that doesn't happen. (Well he is Dracula)  Shaggy maintains his lead in the entire race  until Drac sets a monster out  but after Shaggy ,Scooby and Scrappy knock him down and Shaggy wins the race. (Would have been more interesting if  Shaggy lost then killed Dracula)   But that's not the end ... Dracula says the deal was never a go because he had is fangs crossed.   They steal Drac's spell book  and chase ensues first by car then when Shaggy destory's Drac's car, Drac switches to a plane.  They barely escape and Drac's plane is hit by lightning and he is in the ocean being chased by a shark. (You know Jaws 4 : The Vampire Chaser was a bit silly )  Googie changes Shaggy back.. the end.

    That's our lookback (our first , maybe only) at a movie with Scooby Doo in it. it  is notable for being the last movie with Scrappy in it. (But there was the Scooby Doo Movie in 2002...) It was the last movie with Scrappy in it.    It's a fun movie with hints of  Wacky Races in it, , so enjoy.
  Tune in next time when we look at the Scooby Doo Movie where Shaggy gets turned into mummy because they need a mummy for the monster boat race.

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