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Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Lookback: Meet George Jetson and ...Fred Flintstone

The Flashback 

     Have you ever wanted to see the Addams Family meet the Munsters,   The Brady Bunch to Meet the Partridge Family,  or Scooby Doo meet Lassie?  Well maybe not that last one.  You could write a fan fiction or what about the Flintstones , everyone's favorite pre-historic modern family and  the  Jetsons , everyone's favorite post modern family?  Yep they did have a cross-over and that's our lookback: The Jestons Meet the  Flintstones.

Even the fonts get to meet / copyright Hanna and Barbera

        The movie special came out in 1987 part of Hanna and Barbera's  Superstarts 10 series , we covered a Scooby Doo Movie from this series already, it aired in syndication (sigh, TV just doesn't have that much fun anymore) .   

      The special starts in Jetson world where we see our impending doom of  a future were machines will do anything they can to wake us up , meanwhile a few years long ago it's morning there as we see the Flintstone world , where alarm clocks are just as aggressive.   More important to our plot  , Elory, George's son (and hopefully someone named their kid that ...or if that's your name ,you have an awesome name )is working on a science project , a time machine. (or plot device helper 2000)  In the past the Flintstones and Rubbles are going on vacation soon and the wives want to go to Honolurock (yes, spell check we know, just forget about it).  The Wives want to trick Fred by giving him his favorite breakfast , but he is on too the trick. Back to the Jetsons world (darn it channel 43 make up your mind what show we are watching) and Mr.Spacely (this is murder on spell-check) and he is unhappy that  his company secrets are being taken by his competition Mr.Cogswell,  He asks Jetson to be a spy on Mr.Cogswell, or else (be murdered?...no fired).  Fred wants to get more money for a great vacation and the answer he has is poker , but his boss Mr.Slate wants him to work the late shift. George finds out  that the Cogswell computer S.A.R.A is seducing the Spacely Computer R.U.D.I for information. (well that's sentence we just wrote) 
Hmm Computers also can be jerks...great now ours just quit/copyright Hanna and Barbera 

        Fred and Barney decide to go play poker instead of working the night shift (sssh Mr.Slate could be reading) but guess who is there as well ?  (Santa?)  That doesn't stop Fred though, as he gets a disguise. This plan goes south as Fred loses to Mr.Slate in the game and he finds out and of course Fred and Barney get fired.   George talks to R.U.D.I as he knows the secret now (RUDI then kills George...kidding) and he goes to tell Mr.Spacely  but RUDI trying to stop him he even forces  Mr.Spacely out of the building. (darn machines). Now, back to our plot device ... the Time machine the Jetsons decide to go the 25th Century but they end up in the Flintstones time after Astro, the dog, accidentally moves the lever to past.    Meanwhile, the Flintstones and Rubbles are camping  because of the men losing their jobs it's cheaper, their wives don't know about the job loss and they aren't happy about this trip. 
                 "Hey George, we aren't in Kansas-I mean where do we live? anymore?"/copyright Hanna and Barbera

           George and Fred see each other and are frightened  they both send their pets Dino and Astro to check out the situation. That wasn't a good idea.  Wilma decides to take chances get messy, (sorry wrong show, Top Cat)  Oh and The Jetsons think they are in the future and Flintstones think the Jetsons are primal tribe people. (hmmm)  Lucky through screen wipe that's all resolved.   That was 30 minutes I guess show's over they met... oh wait there's something wrong with the time machine (plot helper 2000) so the Jetsons' have to stay awhile. Also Fred wants to them stay he some agenda planned.  The Flintstones invite the Jetsons to stay at their home. 

 It's what all the kids are wearing ,Elroy/ Copyright H&B
       Judy finds a crush with a teen music idol ( well of course) . Flinstone talks to his former boss and makes a deal for some help to win the picnic games , to get his job back with double  tripple pay. (We'll have to fire some people but ok)  Jetson helps with some of his future gadgets.     Oh yeah ,meanwhile in the future : Mr.Spacely is looking for George and the computers are speaking love talk.(some future)  The Handyman gets instructions from Elory to build the Time machine retriever , which is to be used in situations like this one.   Apparently Fred and  Barney didn't get their jobs back.(Well that was  a waste)  Well the (plot device 2000) time machine is working now thanks to Barney and the retriever is built (roll credits).  The Time machine retriever worked and it picked up the Flintstones.  
In the year 2525... /copyright H&B 
        Rosie the robot and Hank the handyman  meet the Flintstones. (well that's  a dumb name for the special)  Guess what? The time machine is broken (plot device 2000, strikes again) While the Jetsons are stuck in the past.  Judy has taken it well she is in love. Elory also seems to be taking it well , interested in all the past tech. (It's like if we got bonked on the head send to 1830 and being amazed by a lawn mower wait what?)   The Flintstones try to figure out the Jetson world this isn't going as well. (It's like being ...never mind)  Mr.Spacely breaks in the apartment and meets the Flintstones. Spacely gets the idea to introduce  the  Flintstones to the world. George gets a job as partner with Mr.Spacely. (so they switched lives) George becomes famous and rich and he buys some businesses like Google. Jane bought retail stores, some salons and more. (hmmm)  Judy is the new manager of Iggy's band and she bought a record company.(Oh Judy tisk tisk)  Meanwhile : The Flinstones are all over the news in the future. (Like twitter)  Owning a bunch of stuff has become a bit much for the Jetsons ,except Judy.  

      RUDI tells SARA about Spacely's plan to make Flintstone the new spokesperson for Spacely sprockets.  Cogswell announces that he has Barney as his spokesman for his business. (Darn it computers) The Jetsons' fun has waned they are all miserable in the past. (Aren't we are ... Andrew Johnson cheats at poker)  Rosie talks to RUDI for his help to the time machine problem. 
Then Fred Murdered Barney,fine we're kidding, maybe/copyright H&B
        The Jetsons are dump all their deeds after all the stress caused.  Is the Time Machine fixed yet? Yes Finally, and Rosie decides to go get the Jetsons. (Finally , Rosie is the hero) She gets stuck in the mid evil times. (hmm that's off)  This gave the Jetsons  good timing to go where the time machine would appear with Rosie. Iggy goes to Judy to win her back  and well that worked, but she has to leave back to her time. They made it back to the future. (Good thing we didn't make a joke) RUDI  has broken up with SARA  (finally).   The Flinstone car helps Mr.Spacely's business get back on top 
     Meanwhile the time Machine is broken again and Flintstones can't get back , they are all set to have new lives and Mr.Spacely gives them back their car  and we find out it has some time machine energy. (woo Plot device 3000) They get to go back home. The End. 

     That's our lookback... write your own Jetsons -Flintstones fan fiction, we'll be back with ours and tune in next time when we find that crossover between  Mamma's Family and the Golden Girls.

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