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Thursday, June 01, 2017

The Lookback : Children's programming : NBC Saturday Mornings part III

NBC Children's programming   The Lookback 

    We did a part II so III comes after  as we delve back into our comfort zone in the lookback at  Saturday Morning network TV before it was killed by murder.
    Most of the shows in this lookback are from the 80's ,though there are a couple 70's in here (just like the real 80's).  So let's dive in.

1. Casper and the Angles
    Casper  the friendly ghost is a  guardian  angle for woman police motorcycle cops  in the year 2179.  (What?)   That's a description of this cartoon that came out in 1979 , produced by Hanna and Barbera .  There also was another ghost named Hairy Scary (who apparently lost his real name upon death) who liked to scare bad guys.  (Uh Judge, the cops used a ghost on me and I want my ticket canceled)

                              I have a question , no wait make that a few/ copyright Turner
   Each episode had 2 segments and the series ran 13 episodes (lucky) From September to December 1979.   Though makes you wonder how much fun or worrying  Law and Order or other cop shows would be if they had ghosts helping them.

   2. Shirt Tales
      A magic shirt  goes on magic adventures  (psst , no  that's not the show) , oops  oh  A Tiger, A Panda, A Mole, a Raccoon , and an Orangutan  live together in Oak tree park  and wear shirts that flash words of their thoughts on them (why?). They bother a Janitor and also fight crime. (What?, ummm can we talk about Casper , please)
   Hallmark had a card line called Shirt Tales  which featured animals with words on their shirts.  Since the cards sold well, the natural thing was to made it a children's cartoon. ( Sounds logical) Hanna and Barbera decided to work with them and create the cartoon for NBC.  Since  TV shows have plots (well some of them do)  it seems the crime fighting thing was added on.   It started in 1982  and each episode had 2 half segments.  The first thirteen episodes did well so NBC renewed the show (yes? it did well)  for a 10 episode season 2. They added a Kangaroo (for some reason)  They also seemed to demote the Raccoon from leader to giving the Tiger that role (no comment) and episodes just didn't have him.   The Series ended in 1984 , after two seasons and 23 episodes.

                                     No comment / but it is on DVD now /  Copyright Warner
Also a fun note : the Voice of Bart Simpson , Nancy Cartwright voiced  the kangaroo.

3. Wish Kid
    We lied, there is one show from the 90's and from the last season of NBC doing kids shows before Teening it up. (that's a thing)
 Wish Kid staring  Macaulay Culkin (the actual  title of the cartoon)  came out in 1991 and is about named Nicholas /or Nick McClary  owned a magic baseball glove.  How was it magic ? It was struck by miniature shooting star. ( This show makes more sense than anything else)  It could grant wishes , though it had a limit (like a prepaid phone in the 2000's)  it could only be used once a week (meta ,aren't you show?) and each wish didn't last long.

                              I guess one temporary wish a week is better than none/ Copyright Dic.
  The series ran  13 episodes (today's number)  in 1991, as we said this was NBC's last year of doing general Children's programming.

4. Godzilla (also see #5 after 4)
      Ok , Godzilla , yeah let's get on right that.  Hanna and Barbera made the series for NBC it started in 1978.  The idea was  a cartoon version of  Godzilla.  The show was something Barbera wanted to do for awhile.  Now , also included  Godzooky, to have a father son thing going on. (Ummm)  Since this is network TV in the 1970's  the powers that be didn't want Godzilla to shoot flames , step on cars and buildings. (Or in other words , don't have a giant monster be a giant monster) We also have a team of scientists who call on Godzilla to help  when they are in peril.  Also predating E/I it PBS'd and gave you an educational segment in the middle of the show about something scientific.   The series ran from 1978-79 for 2 seasons of 13 episodes.
   NOW see #5 it's kind of related.

5.  Jana of the Jungle.
      NBC ran Godzilla under the name "GodZilla Power Hour"  for a month, Godzilla was a half hour cartooon, so  what did NBC do the 2nd part ?  A new cartoon called "Jana of the Jungle"  Later on that  was called Godzilla Super 90 , but forget that for now.
   Jana of the Jungle was made by H&B (why not?) Jana was  lives in the Jungle because she got lost there. She is on the search for her father who vanished on the boating trip she was stranded on as a child. There are other humans there, to also help on the search for her father , though sadly she never does.  The series ran 13 (ugggh)  episodes  in 1978
 she also skinned one of her friends... / Copyright Warner

  That's our look back .. at  NBC Saturday Morning shows part III, tune in next time when NBC had  a show about a girl  who lived in the jungle , solves mysteries with her magic talking shirt and glove in the year 2179.

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