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Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Lookback : Scorch

The Flashback 

         It's about time we didn't write about something animated for a second we need real  live action  human flesh television.  It's time to dip into some short lived television:  TV series that didn't last long enough to be really remembered or it goes into cult status.  Is 3 episodes short-lived enough?

        That brings us to a series  from CBS that came out in 1992, it ran  just 3 episodes.  "Scorch" is about a dragon who is 1300 years old and took a 100 year sleep and woke up in 1992. ( I guess when you are 1300 years old you have to sleep long)  Let's look at the first episode. (Hey ! I saw you, trying to leave)

Hmm good thing  I bought that 200 year calendar 

         After the theme song, the series starts dragon-free with a man and his building manager are talking to each other.  His name is Brian Stevens  and he has an eight year old daughter named Jess, she wakes up  after having a bad dream about monsters changing her , and her father does the classic there are no monsters bit.  Guess what happens next?

                            A) Nothing 
                            B) What do YOU think happens Next?
                            C)  Duh, Dragon 
                            D)  Commercial break 
                                       To be fair that's not really a monster, per say.  

             Brian sees the dragon freaks out and his daughter freaks out and then we find out the dragon talks.  He also says of course dragon's talk. (Well yes, it was in that TV special).  The dragon says he over sleep for 100 years, family's gone ,got struck by lighting and now cant' fly. (he's had a bad century)   Jess asks her father to keep the dragon , at least until he can fly. 

            The  next morning, the dragon tells Jessica that his name is Scorch (Title drop)  and  the viewer gets to find out that Jessica's mother is with her new husband. (At least she's not dead?)   Brian  is going to be auditioning for the part of weather man.  Oh the show takes place in New Haven. (Not many shows take place in New Haven)    

Hmm not good , that lamp pulled the room together.

       Brian takes Scorch to his audition  and  when the boss finds Scorch and Brian convinces him that Scorch is a dummy. So he gets hired. (glad that worked) This series also has John O Hurley  in it. 

Hey there, you might remember from such shows as...

                Brian gets his first broadcast that same day and it goes strange. Scorch doesn't like the job because of John O Hurley's anchor character. Jessica convinces Scorch to stay because she doesn't like moving so much.  (awww)  

      Well it's a short lived series, but this post doesn't have to be  short, so let's head to episode 2 after the jump. 
               Scorch is being used to iron the clothes and he starts coughing and he is getting sick but he chooses to go to work with Brian.  (What could possibly happen?) The  station owner , also happens to be coming by as well to get his "Man of the Year Award" . Howard (who  is played by O' Hurley ) was supposed to give a speech but his nervous , the station owner wants Brian to do it.  Scorch is still not feeling well and he figures he has the Dragon Flu. (The show plays that with the dramatic music it needs)

Dragon Flu affect millions of dragons every year. 

            Another symptom of Dragon Flu seems to be voice loss, which for a guy playing that a dragon that crashed landed into house is dummy it might be bit hard to cover for.  Jessica and Brian try to figure out how to get him better but that has so far proved hard.  

     The next day,  Brian brings Scorch and they present the award, though  Scorch still has his symptoms.   But he gets better when it ends with fireworks coming of his mouth. 
Man of the Year , what about dragons? 

            Brian ends up getting the Dragon Flu in the end. 

    Now Episode 3 
     Scorch (and Brian's Ear) make it to a TV magazine cover. 
 TV Log : Where I get my latest TV information 
               Is this going to be one of those character gets a big head episodes? (maybe) 

      Brian of course , doesn't want him to since everyone thinks that Scorch is a puppet so people would think it's him acting up. (Conflict )  Howard is un happy about Scorch being on the cover.   

       Apparently, Scorch goes missing after being taken by Howard. Scorch tries to get out of Howard's house.  So he pretends to be a ghost  to trick Howard to give him back to Brian and it works the next day he does.  And everyone is back together.  

    A  Fun fact : this series had Rose Marie in it , you may remember her from The Dick Van Dyke Show. 

   I do get an Alf  vibe from this show, with 98% less destruction, but I guess it never really caught on viewers or CBS ,for CBS to pull the show after just 3 episodes.  It was enjoyable 3 episodes if not a simple little show. Maybe if it came out a few years earlier it would have caught a little more, who knows?

 That's our lookback , tune in next time when we found out what to do with this talking horse that came to our window. 

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