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Thursday, September 01, 2016

The Lookback: Arthur 20: Just Desserts/ Crushed

The Flashback  Arthur 20
    We continue our journey in Elwood City with two more episodes of "Arthur" this time one each from season 5 and season 6.   These seasons aired between 2000-2002.  If you want to see part 1 or part 2  click those words.

       The Season 5 episode selected was  "Just Desserts" which is episode 9A of this season.

   Monologue: Arthur is at the library (don't fall asleep in there) reading a book and seems quite into it (He must be reading ,insert book that is a fad here) then he says to the audience (great he's staring at us again) you must think I am reading A Scare Your Pants off book (nope, I thought  he was reading How to get Abs in 6 Easy Steps)  but nope it's fairy tales says that they are weirdest, scariest  books ever. (If you read the original way "Little Mermaid " ends you will be shocked)   Arthur says he used to not like them and thought they were babyish , then he pulls how a book and he's going to tell us how he started like fairy tales or something.

  The  Episode:  One thing about the character of Arthur we know is that he loves his dessert , especially cake, also his father is a cattier.  The episode starts with Arthur's father frosting a wedding cake he wants to taste some but his father won't him. At school Arthur dreams of the cake , and also asks Buster if he has cake (Arthur , I think you have  problem). His grandma is also coming to take care of him and his sister because his parents are going to a wedding (no, not their own...wait hmmmm conspiracy?) another joke in the series is that his Grandma Thora is not a good cook , so Buster suggest that Arthur buy a bunch of candy.  Arthur gorges on the candy like it's no tomorrow (there is no tomorrow) when he finds out that his dad made food for them which surprises Arthur. ( I saw that coming)  He eats all the food on his plate, then finds out his father left some wedding cake , this makes Arthur happy. (He didn't share with us though , sure he can read to us but not share some cake. how rude)   Arthur then gets stomach pains and he doesn't want his grandma to read him fairy tales. (no not that anything but that)
    Arthur falls asleep (great we didn't get hear her read some more)  he imagines that he is in the story "Hansel and Gretel"  of course it would'n't be fun to just do it straight so the witch takes them to a sugar mall (which later closed thanks to sugarzon or due to bad being able to eat the mall policy)  the witch then imprisons them to eat them ,but they get saved by the 7 dwarves  (umm what)   D.W is abducted by them and she tells Arthur to go to Grandma. (not sure how that will help,)  Arthur becomes little red riding hood (ok what am I watching?)   He sees his grandma who looks like a wedding cake then she jumps into Arthur to be eaten. (what am I watching?)   D.W escaped somehow when she catches Arthur after he ate his grandma.  Buster comes in as a wood cutter to cut Arthur open but he wakes up before his cut open.  He takes some tablets and rests and then the dream comes back and hes' not dead and is Jack and the beanstalk now. (ok then) The giant is apparently everything Arthur ever ate  and he runs with a giant goose down the beanstalk,and Buster returns to cut it down.   Arthur wakes up and burps (say excuse me ,Arthur, gosh)  he feels better then he starts breaking the 4th wall again ( well I am scared now) and talks to us again.  Back the library where Arthur finishes the story.
  More grandmas are eaten by their grandkids these days, sad!/Copyright WGBH /from Arthur Wiki

   This episode , again is creative of taking the fairy tale stories and combining them into a new tale of interest. It was a fun episode  the imagery of Arthur's dream being decorated with food ,sweats in a fairy tale world is a nice mix and it was good thing they just didn't the obvious part of Hansel and Gretel. Also him going back into normal word to see his grandma is funny in it's own way  and he manges to get laughed in his own dream. Arthur does have some surreal dreams though "Arthur's  Underwear" is another example episode of strange dream imagery he has.
                         Why Arthur what odd colors you wearing there/copyright WGBH from Arthur Wiki 

   Some other season 5 episodes that could be of interest are "You are Arthur"  where the show takes a spin of where you see everything from Arthur's point of view , which is an inventive way of story telling , it's like reading a first-person story.  "The Cave" was a good episode for Arthur having to overcome his fear to save the day.

After the Jump  our season 6 selected episode look.

        Season 6 was were Arthur's voice actor changed, since this show goes Peanuts special style , they used actual kids for some of the parts, so Arthur's first one  left because his voice was changing, you can tell it was getting deeper in season 5. This was also the last season of D.W's 2nd  voice actor.
    The episode we selected  was   episode 9B of this season,  called "Crushed".
Monologue:  Buster is singing a parody of the sad country song and Arthur stops him because he was about to tell  something that Arthur is embarrassed by , he wants the story not to run but hey we came her for  a show.

    The Episode: Arthur is unhappy to be getting a baby sister he's 8 and doesn't need one ( I mean this is a kid who can walk all around town with free will so eh?  They hired a new baby sitter named Sally Mcgill.  She's  a 16 year old girl and Arthur and her play video games and get on well.    He gets disappointed that she has to leave when his parents come home. (I hate when that happens) Arthur finds ways to get his parents to go away for a night. (Steady Arthur, play it cool)  This plan backfire it ends up being the other baby sister.   Luckly  the next time they have to go out ,  they got Sally to baby sit this of course makes Arthur very happy but then he finds out that she has a boy friend. (wa wa wa )   Poor Arthur feels crushed by this (hey the title!)  he  tries forget and avoid her but then he runs into her when stays over at Buster's house. (oops)   He finds out that her boyfriend, Cory doesn't like video games  and  they become friends.
  Arthur's in love with her/ copyright WGBH from Arthur  Wiki 

  This episode goes with the show's strength at taking something simple that could happen to anybody and  playing it well. Another of the show's strengths with change in animation for Arthur's drawings also are a nice touch and work well. You can see why Arthur likes Sally they have that video game in common and maybe did figure it out, but both ways it's  a nice episode.
 Draw! /Copyright WGBH  from Arthur Wiki 

That's the seasons 5 and 6 , phew are almost ...wait what oh  well we aren't even half way there yet welp more to come then.

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