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Thursday, August 30, 2018

PSAs : Don't Break Eggs


     In the 1980's there was a new mood in the country to stop these things called drugs and so the media had to join the fun.   So  television public service ads had to jump into tell people "Hey you, don't do those drugs."

     The war on eggs. 

      One of the most famous ads from this time was the ad that went "This is your brain..."    In 1987, there was a new set of ads  created by Partnership for a Drug-Free America.    The first ad came in 1987 the famous one we know and love. ( woah calm down there)

      So they had  John Roselius (whom you may know as Admiral Drake on "Jag") play an unnamed guy in the kitchen  who is now yelling at people saying  is there anyone out there  who doesn't  know what drugs do to your brain?  He grabs an egg and tells you .. "this is your brain" ( I was with him until he said that)  Then he points to his pan (not pot) and said this is drugs.  Then cracks the egg and the egg starts cooking where he says this is your brain on drugs.  "Any Questions?"  (Well yes, are you going to share?)

Meanwhile. bacon is your liver and the pan is alcohol ,any questions? 
       Now if you did have questions, I guess you had to Yahoo it, (whispers new info) oh go to the library and research drugs and their effects on their brain. 

Meanwhile here at WJOL-TV we only have a 15 second spot left before we get back to Lassie vs the Alien. what are we to fill that 15 seconds with? 


     They made 15 second and 10 second versions of the ad.  The above one is 15 seconds. It is slightly creepier.

          The music is creepy and voice is disembodied also sounds annoyed with it's viewers. It's the same lines and the egg is frying.   The 10 second version is funnier out of context because it says "Brain, Brain on Drugs, Questions?"  that might be more confusing  than helpful.
Can I have my brain poached, please? 
    Fake meeting in 1997. 
  George : Remember that ad we made telling people to question eggs on drugs or something? 
  Harry:  Yeah? 
  George: I think people didn't get the message very clearly. 
  Harry: Yeah?
  George:  So I think it's time we make a new one? 
  Harry:  Yeah?
  George: Why do I talk to you ,Harry?
 Harry: I'm not real, George, you are talking to no one right now! 

     Anyway, 10 years later it was time to make this old fashioned ad work for the Xtreme 90's! Xtreme! 

    So they hired Rachael Leigh Cook (whom you may know from the 2001 remake movie of Josie and the Pussy Cats") They continued the theme of your brain being an egg. 

 So now we have a lady in a very nice kitchen. So there's an egg but it's your brain. (First comes the chicken then comes the brain)  Then she has a frying pan which is not just any drugs it's heroin. (woah)  Instead of saying your brain becomes fried and ready for bacon and toast , she smashes the heck out of it.  But wait there's more!  She then proceeds to continue the metaphor   to destroy the kitchen.  She then asks the line of any questions?  (I have a few, like why are you my kitchen?)
It's time to fry! 

        Guess it's a little better than the first one because it says a drug can mess up your life, and might make some people decide , "I ain't doing that."  And safe enough  to air during that broadcast of "Recess". 

more after the jump

    almost 20 years later....
       In 2016, it was almost 30 years since the first ad aired, and it made people feel old that 30 years ago was 1987.  The main point was that maybe it was time for an ad for our updated internet times. 


  It's in HD now!   Starting with  the classic line of the egg being your brain and hot pan drugs and the lady's arm puts it in the pan.  It expands on the on the "any questions?" to where some teens do have questions and proceed to ask the questions.  The ad ends with saying "They're going to have questions, be ready."  Since this is the internet age now, they have a website to learn more about drugs and why you shouldn't have them and guides on how to talk about it.

        The original ad did become as well known as much anything else in media. (When you get parodies you've made it)  Though, I am not sure how egg sellers felt about this ad.   Anyway that's our look, don't wanna make this post to long. 

     Tune in next time , when after we finish eating these 'brains'. 

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