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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

The Lookback: Arthur 20: D.W's Time Trouble /Postcards from Buster

The Flashback   Arthur 20 

    Well ,we continue our goal to do 1 episode from each already aired season of the Long running series "Arthur" I hope he appreciates this , don't tell me he's not real.  If you want to see our first , second, or third posts  click the words.  This also means we are almost half way through.   This time our journey takes us to seasons 7 and 8.

    Season 7 episode 7A. .  Season 7 is the season where this series reached episode 100, and celebrated with "Elwood City turns 100" , that is a good episode  and find the version with the PBS break with Larry King, that's just fun.  The episode we randomly selected was episode 102 called "D.W's Time Trouble"

Monologue : Arthur is taking  D.W to the movies , because the parents won't let her go by herself. Arthur takes a short cut  (now this is important for later) , and they get to the theater.  Arthur wants to see "Slappy Blackhead's Way Cool Journey Through Time" , but he has to take D.W to "Doll Story 2"  (  A movie parody of Toy Story 2 , that involves Dolly Parton? ) Arthur's friends are there to see that first movie and he decides to go to that one. D.W is watching it then she talks to the audience  how Arthur always wins.  Like she wants a cat , but they have dog and one pet is enough, D.W has to wear a hand-me-down jacket from Arthur, D.W's preschool teacher was more impressed by Arthur's finger paints (what?) ,  Arthur interrupts and says be quiet plus he's supposed to be doing the intro , it's his show. (Sure Arthur... it's your show)
Whatever is going on I don't wanna know /copyright WGBH 

      Now the Episode:  The kids talk about the movie they saw (ruining it for the rest of us... great I'll just wait for it too come to network TV)   The movie about  teen (I guess) who goes back in time to make his principal fall in trash because he wouldn't let him play his boombox in school. (that sounds better than inset current movie people don't like right now here)  
   D.W complains some more about  Arthur making her watch the movie , and he won't be going to movies for sometime says his mother. (umm did she kill him?)  D.W is awaken by imaginary friend (just roll with it) , and she has a time machine. (keep going with us)  D.W goes back in time to make herself born first. (well then)  D.W follows her future parents to a store that sells babies (don't give me that look)  The Parents are looking for a girl to be their child , the salesman  says if you are looking to save some money get a boy they're on sale! (That's why Baby's R US exists)  In fact they get a baby boy free with a TV and trampoline (what a deal!) , D.W goes back in time again and decides to disguise her self as a sales girl  to herself bought first. (well we wrote that)
   Now in the new future, D.W is the first born and she has a kitten, her parents have money for ponies (I gives up ) and can see movies by herself (even though she is 4-5).  D.W decides to  help out Arthur , who was put in storage and still is a baby after 4 years ( I guess they have to be activated ) and leaves him on the door step for her parents to take in.
Hmmm darn kids and their web/ copyright WGBH

        In the future  , D.W is 8 now and Arthur is 4 now and D.W takes him to a Mary Moo Cow rally  (sure why not) when he throws his glasses he blames D.W for breaking them, (Also Arthur is a broken child, apparently , darn it!)  D.W takes Arthur to the movies and she tries the short cut but doesn't remember . (see told you this was important) Arthur finds the time machine and goes somewhere. D.W and  D.W are lost.    It was just a dream (oh yeah  I knew it ) , Arthur comes in her room hearing her cries to see if she was alright and  she's glad he's not that broken baby from the baby store , Arthur reminds her of the episode "Arthur's Baby" (a title like that really needs context)that babies don't come from stores. Arthur comforts her and she says she's glad Arthur is older brother.( he can be yours too , if you believe)
Hmm cloning DW... that should be an episode/copyright  WGBH

             That's the episode : The episode mostly being D.W's dream lets it go off into the surrealness
and  it gives D.W an interesting perspective on being older. Also the imagery in the dream is funny like the horse drawn cars, to a kid 8 years ago would be ancient times so it's funny.  It's ending is sweet that yes if you are someone who thinks she's a pest ...it gives you that feeling that those two love each other.

   Our season 8 episode selection after the Jump
           Season 8 episode 8 is  full 30 minutes (at least space on PBS wise) episode that also spawned a  spinoff of the same name , (that we wrote about in our PBS Kids go post)  This episode we are aren't going to do the same way  instead we will summarize and give our review.
"Hey I got an idea for a spioff... "Francine"/Copyright WGBH

    The Read Family get to take Buster  to see Buster's Dad in New York City while at the samet ime , DW wants  to see a Broadway show about unicorns (the tickets cost 85 dollars).  Buster doesn't  want his mother to be to sad when he leaves on the trip. D.W tries  to help save the family money, her Grandma Thora got busy at Bingo bought all the tickets. (Yay?)   At the airport  Buster's mom gives him a video camera. They make it New York City and they meet  up with Buster's Dad.  In terms of episode alot of it Buster looking around New York visiting places like it;s New York City's travel guide.

   In terms of plot , there really isn't much of ome but the episode does something inventive  where when  Buster records with his camera  it's a live action , this also was how the spinoff series was.  Buster talking with people ,and learning things about how people live in an area or how about their activities.  It's different take for this show but it does stand out.

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