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Thursday, September 08, 2016

The Lookback: Arthur 20: Arthur Swept Away/ The Cherry Tree

The Lookback  Arthur 20 

        Welcome back , we are now in the post season 10 episodes so, we are almost there!  (Honestly, though with all the posts were are becoming Arthur Online)  If you missed our posts about seasons 1/2 ,  3/4, 5/6  7/8  9/10  click those  links to see them.   This is a look at two randomly selected episodes from seasons 11 and 12. (one from each as per our whatever)  Season 11 came out in 2007 and 12 in 2008.   Both seasons,as has become normal of the series , has only 10 episodes (when counted as half hours, also skimping aren't you PBS?) .

    Let's have  wonderful kind of Day.

The Season 11 episode  has an episode  that guest starts  Matt Damon , and  well that's not the episode we are looking at. (Wait please don't go)  We are looking at episode 11a called "Arthur Swept Away"

Monologue :  Arthur starts talking about how people have a different  sense of time  , like how D.W thinks time is longer than it really is, Buster goes by his stomach (what's wrong with that Arthur?) , or how times feels like it goes really fast or slow (like when taking a test) , but you can't stop time.

Now the Episode: Arthur , Buster , and D.W are at the beach , how do we know? Because they yell it.  They can't go on the beach because of the ocean waves are too rough.  Grandma Thora makes a suggestion that they should make a sand castle.   So the episode takes some  TIME  and we see our characters make a sandcastle.  (Called Castle Star Fish)   Amazingly , the sandcastle doesn't get destroyed overnight as they came back and make it bigger.  That 2nd night, Arthur fantasizes about being  a kings to small beach creatures and dreams that Tidal waves come and they save the castle from destruction.  (What am I watching?)  The 3rd day, it's now almost destroyed so Arthur goes to fix , but this isn't going well, there's too much water. (ha water ....Ocean) After, all that  they have to go home.  Some time cut later, they look for where the sandcastle was ,but they did end up in the paper.(That's why they are going out of business... just putting any ole thing in there)
 Bow to your new king!/Copyright WGBH 

     That's the episode it's nice to have an episode with Arthur and D.W working together , with Buster as a bonus piece of fun. There's no real problem in this episode it's just a nice episode about them and enjoying this sandcastle.

Now join us for the season 12 episode half selection after the Jump.

   There's a season 12 episode with Lance Armstrong as a guest star, (ahh 2008) , it most likely has been pulled from repeat broadcast because of Lance Armstrong. (Thanks alot Lance)  That is not the episode we are looking at  the system we use didn't choose it.   The episode we are looking it is called "The Cherry Tree".(Finally , an episode about George Washington, shame on us for going with that myth even for a cheap joke ) .

Monologue: Arthur is talking to  a tree  (umm Arthur are you alright?)  he then talks to us ( yes,it's us Arthur , your friends) and he says trees don't talk much (much?) and that's why he doesn't notice them much (umm)  but trees have active things going on there like birds, bugs, cats , and kids. He wonders what life would be like without trees (we would be dead ,Arthur ) and then he says that never happen right? (I'm scared , hold me )

   Now the Episode : Muff and her butler are in her yard talking about her spring party ( yeah sure what ever) and that she wants  a giant bouncy castle. ( Nobody wants that) Bailey, the Butler, and her father notice that  the castle is too big. (They're rich get a bigger yard!)  Muffy is sad, but her Dad surprises her with the bounce house because he did some land swapping. (As you do)
 That's a tree/copyright WGBH 

   She and Bailey work on the innovations and the montage sends them around.(as they do) Muffy sees that her favorite cherry tree is being cut down because of the land swap . Muffy  has memories of the tree and she feels down. George gives a report about trees (good timing episode) and he says that trees are the lungs of the Earth.  (Umm I don't wanna know what the liver of Earth is ) Muffy decides to cancel her party , Bailey wonders why, and she says it's because of the tree.  Bailey suggests changing the theme , he has cuttings of the murdered tree, and suggests and idea to change the theme.
I'm not sure hiding bodies is a good theme/ copyright WGBH

     There is a no bouncy anything, as Muffy announces they are going to plant some cherry trees. Everyone is shocked that Muffy's going to get her hands dirty. They all start planting the little cuttings  and everyone gets to take home a little plant too. (Yay!, We got one too)
You get a plant, you get a plant! , you get a plant!!!! /Copyight WGBH 

That's the episode , and it was interesting to see Muffy in a different light, where she really cared about this tree. It wasn't a bad episode, it had a message at the same time that trees are good, something anybody can get on board.

 Tune in next time, we continue with seasons 13 and 14.

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